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polypteridae              anoplopomatidae              eurostopodidae              ischnodon              parazenidae              madakoala              opalinata              psittrichasinae              mirapinnidae              olivoidea              gebiidea              galveodon              pachyptera              ateleopodidae              leucosioidea              arecanae              indobanalia              eurypharyngidae              eothoracosaurus              bathymasteridae              mytiloidea              melanonidae              reedfishes              trachylina              chiasmodontidae              leiosaurs              leptochariidae              piscogavialis              profundulidae              schindleriidae              potamoganos              melanoseps              macranthisiphon              heliomonadida              phosichthyidae              zygophyseter              ukrainurus              supercohort              hexatrygonidae              megalopanax              hexapodoidea              kuehneodontinae              smitinandia              limoidea              aktiogavialis              gammaroidea              cannomois              hypopomidae              qianlingula              mussatia             

Examples of "cladistia"
Cladistia is a clade of bony fishes that currently consists of few anguilliform (eel-shaped) remnants of an ancient diversity. Their major synapomorphies are a dorsal fin with independent rays, and a posteriorly elongated parasphenoid.
Actinopteri is the sister group of Cladistia. Dating back to the Permian period, the Actinopteri comprise the Chondrostei (sturgeons and paddlefishes) and the Neopterygii (bowfin, gars, and teleosts). In other words, the Actinopteri include all extant Actinopterygians, minus the Polypteridae (bichirs). The Actinopteri includes:
The most common vertebrate remains belong to the elasmobranch fish "Onchopristis numidus". Another seven elasmobranchs are reported: "Asteracanthus aegyptiacus", "Distobatus nutiae", "Tribodus" sp., "Lissodus" sp., "Haimirichia amonensis", "Cretoxyrhinidae" indet., and "Marckgrafia lybica". Lungfish fossils are referred to "Ceratodus humei" and "Neoceratodus africanus". "Coelacanth remains" are referred to "Mawsonia lavocati" and to the genus "Axelrodichthys". Several taxa of Cladistia and two genera of seminiomorphs (an unnamed "Lepidotes"-like species and "Oniichthys falipoui") are recovered in the Kem Kem beds. Teleosteans are represented by "Cladocyclus pankowskii", "Palaeonotopterus greenwoodi", "Erfoudichthys rosae" and "Concavotectum moroccensis".