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flavipennis              gerstaecker              radoszkowski              distinguenda              kiesenwetter              bifasciata              laticollis              flavicornis              confinis              strigata              rambur              annulipes              reducta              excisa              insolita              consimilis              brevipennis              faldermann              perty              inconspicuus              alluaudi              diversipes              draudt              imitatrix              distincta              decorata              sabulosa              jeanneli              latipennis              nigerrima              denticollis              staudingeri              fumosa              consobrina              fulvicollis              liturata              puncticollis              decoratus              nigritarsis              taeniata              cancellata              flavomaculata              caliginosa              coomani              segregata              klapperichi              zerny              sahlbergi              triangulifera              dentifera             

Examples of "clavicornis"
Noterus clavicornis is a genus of beetles belonging to the family Noteridae.
Rhopalessa clavicornis is a species of beetle in the family Cerambycidae. It was described by Bates in 1873.
Tomopterus clavicornis is a species of beetle in the family Cerambycidae. It was described by Magno in 1995.
Ptericoptus clavicornis is a species of beetle in the family Cerambycidae. It was described by Fabricius in 1801. It is known from Guyana and French Guiana.
Mordella clavicornis is a species of beetle in the "Mordella" genus that is in the "Mordellidae" family, which is a part of the "Tenebrionoidea" superfamily. It was discovered in 1818.
"Noterus clavicornis" can reach a length of . Body is egg-shaped and oval-stretched. The color is variable, ranging from yellowish to reddish brown. Pronotum is a slightly lighter than the elytrae. Both adults and larvae are aquatic and carnivorous. Adults can be found from March to October.
A gall can contain the cynipid wasp as the host that made the gall; up to 5 species of inquilines ("Ceroptres clavicornis", "Synergus gallaepomiformis", "S. pallidipennis", "S. reinhardi" and "S. umbraculus") eating the hosts food; as well as up to 13 parasitoid species ("Eurytoma brunniventris", "Sycophila biguttata", "S. variegata", "Megastigmus dorsalis", "M. stigmatizans", "Torymus geranii", "T. auratus", "Caenacis lauta", "Hobbya stenonota", "Mesopolobus amaenus", "M. fasciiventris", "M. sericeus", "Eupelmus urozonus") living on the host, inquilines and each other.
Ten genera are represented by species that have been moved widely through commerce and now have worldwide or nearly worldwide distributions (e.g., "Ahasverus", "Oryzaephilus", "Silvanus", "Cryptamorpha", "Monanus".) The most economically important genus is "Oryzaephilus", with two common stored products pest species ("O. surinamensis" (L.), the sawtoothed grain beetle, and "O. mercator" (Fauvel), the merchant grain beetle), and several others that are sporadic pests Other economically important stored products pests include "Ahasverus advena" (Waltl), "Cathartus quadricollis" (Guerin-Meneville), and "Nausibius clavicornis" (Kugelann).