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Examples of "clodoaldo"
Clodoaldo Paulino de Lima, or simply Clodoaldo (born November 25, 1978 in Paulínia), is a Brazilian striker with Depor FC.
Clodoaldo Francisco Chagas Ferreira, better known as Clodoaldo (December 28, 1978 in Ipú), is a Brazilian who works in the attack for Guarani de Juazeiro.
Clodoaldo Tavares de Santana, better known as Clodoaldo (; born 25 September 1949 in Aracaju), is a Brazilian former footballer who played as a midfielder.
The elected president is Rev. Clodoaldo de Souza Caldas.
Vieira is a full-time member of Associação Profissionalizante BM&F in São Caetano do Sul, São Paulo, being coached and trained by Clodoaldo Lopes do Carmo.
Clodoaldo de Oliveira (born March 19, 1974 in Ernestina, Rio Grande do Sul) is a Brazilian footballer who is currently a free agent.
The Men's 50 metre butterfly S4 swimming event at the 2004 Summer Paralympics was competed on 22 September. It was won by Clodoaldo Silva, representing .
The Men's 50 metre freestyle S4 swimming event at the 2004 Summer Paralympics was competed on 27 September. It was won by Clodoaldo Silva, representing .
In 2005, she was given the Best Female Athlete award by the International Paralympic Committee, the Best Male Athlete award going to Brazil's Clodoaldo Silva.
The Men's 150 metre individual medley SM4 swimming event at the 2004 Summer Paralympics was competed on 26 September. It was won by Clodoaldo Silva, representing .
The Men's 100 metre freestyle S4 swimming event at the 2004 Summer Paralympics was competed on 19 September. It was won by Clodoaldo Silva, representing .
The Men's 200 metre freestyle S4 swimming event at the 2004 Summer Paralympics was competed on 21 September. It was won by Clodoaldo Silva, representing .
Clodoaldo usually played as a defensive midfielder for both Santos Futebol Clube and the Brazilian national team, for whom he was capped 38 times (scoring one goal) between 1969 and 1974.
Clodoaldo equalised for Brazil just before half time when he received the ball on the left side of the penalty area from a cross from the right and shot right footed past to the right of the net.
In June 2005, two men were charged with conspiracy to murder an American outside the United States in connection with her death. These men, Rayfran das Neves Sales and Clodoaldo Carlos Batista, were convicted on 10 December 2005.
Italian defence pulled left in quick sequence. Brazilian midfielder Clodoaldo began the move with a weaving dribble out to the left flank, that beat three men and essentially pulled the Italian defence in that direction. A fatal gap was thus eventually opened up for the run of fullback Carlos Alberto Torres on the right. Clodoaldo eased the ball to the Rivelino moving up on the left. Rivellino quickly played the ball forward to Jairzinho, who crossed the field to appear on the left flank.
Several times on issues made by the reporter / columnist Victor Hanover for the program Globo Esporte da Rede Globo Television, Clodoaldo had his playing style, his music and his name quite widespread, making it the best known player Squads, acting by a club Ceara in Brazil. His music, rap's Clod, became a national craze in 2003.
Clodoaldo Lopes do Carmo (27 April 1968 in Cosmópolis) is a retired Brazilian athlete who specialised in the 3000 metres steeplechase. He represented his country at two Olympic Games, in 1992 and 1996, making it to the final on the first occasion.
A total of eight outfield players from Brazil passed the ball until Captain Carlos Alberto hammered the ball into the corner of the Italian goal following an inch perfect pass across the Italian 18 yard box from Pelé, prompted by the intelligent Tostão, who, with his back to the goal, told Pelé that Alberto was steaming in on the right flank. Tostão started the move five yards from the left of the Brazilian 18 yard box, then ran the length of the field to the Italian box without touching the ball again to tell Pelé to lay it off for Alberto. The players involved in the passes in order were Tostão, Brito, Clodoaldo, Pelé, Gérson, midfielder Clodoaldo beat four Italian players in his own half before passing to Rivelino who hit a perfect pass down the wing to Jairzinho. Jairzinho crossed from the wing to the centre of the box to Pelé who held the ball up to play a pass for Alberto to smash it home. The only outfield players not involved in the move were Everaldo and Piazza. The full team was Carlos Alberto, Felix, Piazza, Brito, Clodoaldo, Everaldo Antonio, Jairzinho, Gérson, Tostão, Pelé and Rivelino. Brazil won the World Cup with 19 goals scored by seven players, all of whom featured in the Carlos Alberto goal. In 2002, the UK public voted the goal as number 36 in the list of the 100 Greatest Sporting Moments.
In an opening speech, IPC president Philip Craven invited viewers to "see the true meaning of sport and the true definition of ability", explaining that "in a country which has faced major challenges of late, Paralympians will switch your focus from perceived limitations, to a world full of possibility and endless opportunity. They will surprise you, inspire and excite you, but most of all they will change you." The Paralympic cauldron was lit by legendary Brazilian para-swimmer Clodoaldo Silva.