Synonyms for clomp or Related words with clomp

esserroepie              overloop              vaerenbergh              couvering              brouerius              seijen              esterik              reypen              reyk              wonterghem              greunen              caeckenbergh              tielwim              wengernatalie              kolck              solkema              vooren              christiaen              ghisbert              dommele              iderstine              hoogenheim              robays              ravenswaay              paemel              slembrouck              dycks              goghs              vlierden              roekel              kruizejenne              vleet              jaarsv              zijtveld              iefke              hulthem              herbber              amringe              arsdel              zwam              deimen              aytta              broekhuizen              stomm              monckhoven              schaffelaar              tialda              gyseghem              swinderen              derveer             

Examples of "clomp"
René is brought to the colonel's office, where he, Gruber and Helga await him, with all the sausages lined up on the table. It turns out they have discovered the submarine batteries and the dynamite concealed in some of the sausages and the demand an explanation from René. He gives a not entirely convincing one, but, as Gruber points out, general Von Klinkerhoffen will be very pleased to have the batteries back and they would not have got them back without René, which is why they let him go, on the condition he hide the original fallen madonna painting. Gruber sorts out the sausages (dynamite, batteries, original Van Gogh and Van Clomp paintings and forged Van Gogh and Van Clomp paintings). The Germans decide not to give the original Van Gogh to René, but to put it in one of the desk drawers instead. Then, René is given the rest of the paintings and the salami, to hide in the café.
Herr Flick is rather moody and the fact that he did not get a chance to interrogate the airmen does not make things better. His godfather Himmler might want to take repercussions against him and he therefore decides to make himself ready to flee. This includes selling the portrait of "The Fallen Madonna with the Big Boobies" by Van Clomp, which he believes is hanging in René's larder. He therefore asks Von Smallhausen to find him a fence, which he can sell the painting to.
The next day, Gruber, dressed in civilian clothes, comes to see Colonel Von Strohm in his office, where Captain Bertorelli is telling him about Rome. As Helga has announced him, he tells the colonel that he has serious news and also mentions he is out of uniform because his was stolen last night. After Bertorelli has been ordered to leave, Gruber tells Von Strohm and Helga that the paintings have been stolen. The colonel thinks he has the original Van Gogh in his desk drawer and that the original Van Clomp is at the café, but it turns out Gruber actually kept the originals in his safe. As they have now been stolen, they can satisfy the general by giving him two forgeries, but they still need to get the originals back. The colonel thinks they should ask René for them, but becomes very suspicious, when he learns that René has disappeared.
Colonel Von Strohm and captain Geering are enjoying a quiet day, with the colonel explaining to the captain about the theft of the silver, the world's oldest cuckoo clock and the painting of "The Fallen Madonna with the Big Boobies" by the artist Van Clomp. Herr Otto Flick of the Gestapo arrives at their headquarters, and the two officers quickly hide the valuables. Herr Flick announces that he has come to find the stolen painting, and the officers panic. They hide the treasures in René's cellar, only to find the British airmen there. They decide to turn both them and René in. However, Herr Flick arrives upstairs and, in order for him not to find the painting, they quickly change their mind and instead cover for him. Once Herr Flick is gone, the Colonel dictates that since he has now got a catch on René (the two airmen hiding in his cellar and the painting and the clock also hidden in the cellar) from now on, he gives the orders when it comes to the waitresses and their services.
René is making the table in the backroom, when Maria, disguised as a small boy, comes out from behind the curtains. She says Edith made her disguise that way, until General Von Klinkerhoffen's search party has stopped looking for her. When Edith walks in and find them close together, René explains himself by saying he is flattening Maria's bosom - since small boys do not have "sticky out bosoms". When Maria has left, Edith tells René that lieutenant Gruber is in the bar, looking for René (wanting the painting to copy). René does not want to be seen talking to him and therefore, asks him to come into the backroom. Gruber tells him the colonel is very angry because "his" sausage was empty. However, René informs him that he has the real one - hidden under Fanny's bed. They go upstairs to get it, but as they enter the bedroom, Fanny has started to eat it. Fortunately, she can spit out the peace of canvas she has got into her mouth. She notices that it bears the name of "the Dutch butcher Van Clomp". Gruber assures René that they can "invisibly mend it". As Fanny asks why René brings a German to her bedroom, she becomes very upset, when he tells her that Gruber is his friend. She starts throwing things at him and calls him collaborator and other things. The flashing bedknobs go off just before they have left, and René explains to Gruber that it means Fanny needs to go to the bathroom. As they leave, it is up to the British airmen, who have been hiding in the cupboard, to answer the radio. The message is in French, but fortunately, the French voice asks for them and puts their commanding officer (Hargraves) and the line.
Later that same day, Gruber comes into the café and as Helga, the colonel and René gather round, he tells them that he has completed the forgeries of the paintings and hidden them inside sausages. He has brought seven sausages, two of which contains the original paintings and four of which contains the forgeries (René is to have the original Van Gogh and the general and Hitler are to have the forgeries, whereas the colonel is to have the original Van Clomp and Herr Flick and Hitler are to have the forgeries). To know which is which, Gruber has put secret markings on them - known only to him. When captain Bertorelli enters the café, they all hide the sausages under the table. He has brought a parcel, which he puts on the table. It turns out to contain eight salami sausages, which look exactly the same as the "painting sausages", sent to him by his mother. When he soon thereafter leaves, the others accidentally mix them up with their knockwurst sausages. As if this was not enough, monsieur LeClerc enters, disguised as a sausage seller. He gives René another four sausages, also looking exactly like the others, containing batteries for the radio. After he has left, officer Crabtree enters with the explosives (dynamite), concealed in four similar sausages, which he places with the others, making it a total of 23 sausages, all looking the same. As the general is approaching, Helga, Gruber and Kurt hide most of the sausages on their persons and René keeps a few in his apron. As the general has learned that the submarine batteries have been stolen, he orders the three Germans to accompany him on a search of the town.