Synonyms for coarctatus or Related words with coarctatus

denticollis              denticulatus              kiesenwetter              inconspicuus              cincta              decorus              faldermann              consobrina              consimilis              laticollis              fenestrata              excisa              plicatula              pallidula              stigmatica              nigriventris              costatus              fenestratus              oblita              puncticollis              clavicornis              radoszkowski              fulvicollis              clandestinus              confinis              bifasciata              longispina              lirata              virginea              fallaciosa              wittei              brevicornis              dilatatus              longicollis              quadripunctatus              compactus              semistriatus              gaskoin              congoensis              inconstans              decoratus              longidens              comptus              annulipes              flavicornis              distorta              powelli              caliginosa              alboguttata              distinctus             

Examples of "coarctatus"
Hyas coarctatus is a marine crab species with a lyriformed shell (lyre).
Homalocalyx coarctatus is a member of the Myrtaceae family endemic to Western Australia.
"Hyas coarctatus" look a lot like "H. araneus", but has a lyriformed shell. The carapace of a large specimen may grow to a length of 61mm and a width of 44mm in North-West Europe. In the inner Danish waters "H. coarctatus" hasn’t been found bigger than 5 cm. The colour is greybrown on the dorsal side from time to time with a bit reddish, the ventral side is dirty white. The rostral horns of "H. coarctatus" are slightly longer and spaced further apart than in "H. araneus". Chelipeds are longer than in "H. araneus". The outer segment of the walking legs is often more or less furry.
"H. coarctatus" is found at both hard, stony, sandy and soft bottom from 1–500 meters, though most often above 50 meters. This distinguishes "H. coarctatus" from "H. araneus" which is found at lower depths. "H. coarctatus" is widely distributed in the North-East Atlantic Sea and adjacent seas. The northern border is around the North and West coast of Splitsbergen and Barents Sea, the southern distribution goes down to the North-East coast of France, and the eastern border is the Western Baltic Sea, the Belt Sea and the Sound of Denmark.
The robber philanthus ("Philanthus coarctatus raptor") is a subspecies of bee-hunting wasp (or "beewolf") from Algeria and other parts of Northern Africa.
Astragalus coarctatus is a species of milkvetch that is endemic to northeastern Turkey, and is only known from its type specimen, collected in 1871 in Kars Province.