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Examples of "codehs"
During the week of December 9, 2013, CodeHS participated in the nationwide Hour of Code challenge promoted by CodeHS was featured as a tutorial for learning JavaScript on the Computer Science Education Week website. Over the course of the week, an estimated 116,648 participants started learning to code for an hour on CodeHS.
CodeHS was selected as one of three education technology companies to take part in the 2013 Innovation Challenge, part of the NBC Education Nation initiative. Innovation Nation challenge participants CodeHS, Teachley, and GigaBryte participated in a series of challenges in October 2013, culminating in a live pitch contest broadcast live on NBC during the Education Nation Summit. CodeHS won the Innovation Challenge, earning a $75,000 prize awarded by the Robin Hood Foundation.
CodeHS was founded in 2012 by Jeremy Keeshin and Zach Galant, both Stanford University Computer Science graduates. Keeshin and Galant based CodeHS on their experience as section leaders and teaching assistants for several of Stanford's introductory computer science courses. The company joined the Imagine K12 incubator's third class, launching in October 2012.
CodeHS received significant media coverage upon its launch, including articles in the Forbes, TechCrunch, and Education Week. The site has also been featured on various blogs for its interactive and beginner-focused approach to teaching programming.
The language has also been implemented as Karel the Dog in JavaScript by CodeHS. Similar to the original language, this implementation features Karel in a grid world. Programmers use and build upon Karel's simple vocabulary of commands to accomplish programming tasks. Instead of putting and picking beepers, Karel the Dog puts and takes tennis balls.
Clotario Leopoldo Blest Riffo (17 November 1899 – 31 May 1990) was a Chilean social activist and labor union leader. Blest was one of the founders of Agrupación Nacional de Empleados Fiscales (ANEF), Central Única de Trabajadores (CUT), Revolutionary Left Movement (MIR), and Comité de Defensa de Derechos Humanos y Sindicales (CODEHS).
learning platform offering computer science and programming instruction. CodeHS, which is used by individual learners and schools, is focused on spreading access to and knowledge of computer science by offering online instructional materials supported by remote tutors. In the introductory learning module, students on the site practice computer science concepts and programming skills by giving commands to a dog named Karel. Similar to the original Karel programming language developed by Richard E. Pattis, Karel the dog must complete various tasks by moving around a grid world, and putting down and picking up tennis balls using only simple commands. Later learning modules teach more advanced concepts using languages like JavaScript, Java, and HTML.
The Education Nation summit consisted of a series of workshops, panels, and town hall meetings exploring such themes as the Common Core State Standards Initiative, personalized learning, and keeping up with global competition. Notable speakers and presenters included Governor Steve Beshear of Kentucky, Governor Mike Pence of Indiana, Governor Deval Patrick of Massachusetts, Chairman and CEO of ExxonMobil Rex Tillerson, Chancellor of the New York City Department of Education Dennis Walcott, and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. This year's summit also featured an Innovation Challenge for education technology startups, sponsored by the Robin Hood Foundation, which was won by San Francisco-based CodeHS.
The first learning module on CodeHS teaches introductory programming concepts by having students give basic commands to Karel the Dog using Karel-specific JavaScript commands. This approach is based on the original Karel programming language developed by Richard E. Pattis and used in Stanford University's introductory computer science classes. Karel initially knows only a few basic commands: codice_1 to have Karel move one spot forward, codice_2 to have Karel turn left, codice_3 to have Karel put down one tennis ball in the current spot, and codice_4 to have Karel pick up one tennis ball from the current spot. Karel can be "taught" additional commands by defining new functions composed of these basic commands. The programmer can also use elements like loops and conditionals to control the flow of the program.