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CodeIgniter is loosely based on the popular model–view–controller (MVC) development pattern. While controller classes are a necessary part of development under CodeIgniter, models and views are optional. Codeigniter can be also modified to use Hierarchical Model View Controller (HMVC) which allows developers to maintain modular grouping of Controller, Models and View arranged in a sub-directory format.
CodeIgniter is an open-source software web framework for building dynamic web sites with PHP, with particular emphasis on a small footprint. CodeIgniter is loosely based on the popular model–view–controller (MVC) development pattern.
The first public version of CodeIgniter was released by EllisLab on February 28, 2006.
Philip Sturgeon and Dan Horrigan have contributed to the CodeIgniter framework.
, Laravel is regarded as one of the most popular PHP frameworks, together with Symfony2, Nette, CodeIgniter, Yii2 and other frameworks.
CodeIgniter is an open-source software rapid development web framework, for use in building dynamic web sites with PHP.
EllisLab released the first public version of CodeIgniter on February 28, 2006. In October 2014, at the ExpressionEngine Conference in Virginia, EllisLab CEO Derek Jones announced that the company had transferred CodeIgniter to the British Columbia Institute of Technology. The new entity now maintains the PHP framework, which is no longer an EllisLab product.
CodeIgniter is most often noted for its speed when compared to other PHP frameworks. In a critical take on PHP frameworks in general, PHP creator Rasmus Lerdorf spoke at frOSCon in August 2008, noting that he liked CodeIgniter ""because it is faster, lighter and the least like a framework.""
On July 9, 2013, EllisLab announced that it was seeking a new owner for CodeIgniter, citing a lack of resources to give the framework the attention they felt it deserved. On October 6, 2014, EllisLab announced that CodeIgniter would continue development under the stewardship of the British Columbia Institute of Technology.
Delightful Labor is written in PHP using the MySQL database engine. It is designed with the Codeigniter framework. It also makes use of javascript, jquery, and ajax.
THIRRA was written in the PHP programming language, using the CodeIgniter framework. The application is based on the Hierarchical Model View Controller (HMVC) design pattern, using the Modular Extension extension. This makes THIRRA modular by nature.
While being an independent library, plugin modules have been developed for various popular frameworks like: Laravel, CodeIgniter, Kohana, Silex and Zend Framework. Besides integration modules, some frameworks ship with RedBeanPHP out-of-the-box like The Nibble Framework.
Kohana is a PHP5 HMVC framework. Kohana is licensed under the BSD license and hosted on GitHub. Issues are tracked using Redmine. It is noted for its performance when compared to CodeIgniter and other high-performance PHP frameworks.
Kohana development begun on 31 May 2007 when a few CodeIgniter community members decided to start a community fork of CodeIgniter, named BlueFlame. In June 2007 the project was renamed "Kohana" and in July version 1.0 was released without any documentation. The project leader left in August and development stagnated until September when a new BDFL was selected and an effort to rewrite the source code began. At that time Kohana had only 3 developers. Version 2.0 was released in November 2007, based purely on PHP 5.0 and a new OOP framework. Version 3.0 was released on 9 September 2009.
Scaffolding was made popular by the Ruby on Rails framework. It has been adapted to other software frameworks, including OutSystems Platform, Express Framework, Play framework, Django, web2py, MonoRail, Brail, Symfony, Laravel, CodeIgniter, Yii, CakePHP, Phalcon PHP, Model-Glue, PRADO, Grails, Catalyst, Seam Framework, Spring Roo, JHipster, ASP.NET Dynamic Data, KumbiaPHP and ASP.NET MVC framework's Metadata Template Helpers.
Aigaion is mainly written by PhD students who could not find a reference management software that suited their needs. The main features that have been available since the first release in 2005 are the topic tree and the possibilities for annotations. As of the 2.0 release, Aigaion is based on a MVC architecture using the codeIgniter PHP framework.
CodeIgniter's source code is maintained at GitHub, and as of the preview version 3.0rc, is certified open source software licensed with the MIT License. Versions of CodeIgniter prior to 3.0.0 are licensed under a proprietary Apache/BSD-style open source license.
DrComposer provides a novel solution to handle day to day issues associated with composer.json. It works as a online tool for developers using composer in various php frameworks ("e.g. Symfony, Laravel, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Drupal, Magento, Zend Framework, etc"). DrComposer "analyzes" the "composer json" and gives a detailed health report about the "packages, versions, compatibility and security vulnerabilities".
Ionize is a free multilingual Content Management System based on CodeIgniter written in PHP. It was developed by a group of webdesigners and is aimed to be highly flexible and modular, yet easy to use for end users. It requires a working Apache and MySQL installation.
The Ushahidi platform is built on the Kohana web framework, a fork of the CodeIgniter framework. It includes support for Nexmo wholesale SMS API and Clickatell SMS Gateway. Furthermore, the official Ushahidi-hosted websites use the commercial service. Ushahidi provides the option of using OpenStreetMap maps in its user interface, but requires the Google Maps API for geocoding. Ushahidi is often set up using a local SMS gateway created by a local FrontlineSMS set-up.