Synonyms for coerces or Related words with coerces

goads              blackmails              cajoles              intimidates              brainwashes              shapeshifts              guilted              cajole              cajoled              deceives              goaded              coaxes              goading              devolves              hypnotizes              inveigles              coerce              woges              shapeshifted              inveigled              guilts              tricking              blackmailed              insinuates              transmutes              bluffed              conned              metamorphosised              coerced              coaxed              smuggles              coercing              ingratiates              browbeats              duped              blackmailing              tempts              shoehorned              tricked              reintegrate              restrengthens              hypnotises              transmogrified              dragooned              forayed              sneaks              lulled              sneaked              purred              parlayed             

Examples of "coerces"
Johanna coerces Mortdecai into marriage and a plot to assassinate the Queen of England.
while the Owl coerces people to repent, and warns them of what awaits them should they sin.
"Crocodile Tears" was published in 2009. MI6 coerces Alex into spying on activities at a GM crop plant during a school trip.
In the morning, Lesly confronts the family about the events of the night before. Mrs. Pascal coerces Anthony to tell Marty that he slept with Lesly.
The state gives orders and coerces; the religion educates and convinces; the state declares laws, religion offers precepts. The state has physical power and uses it, when it is necessary; the power of religion is "charity" and "beneficience."
§1 Incurs the same penalties whom brokerages, facilitates, recruits, coerces, or otherwise mediates the participation of children and adolescents in the scenes mentioned in this article, or with those whom they contrascene. (Amended by Law No. 11,829, 2008)
"the REAL ID Act wrongly coerces states into doing the federal government's bidding by threatening to refuse noncomplying states' citizens the privileges and immunities enjoyed by other states' citizens"
Ethan Brooke, head of ASIS (Australian Secret Intelligence Service) coerces Alex into helping him about by pairing him with agent Ash, who was his godfather and once his father's best friends, to investigate the snakehead ring.
While Man investigates Shiraishi Inc., who expressed interest in Ho's chip, Ho is brought before Alexander Wolfe, who wants his chip to take over the minds of the phone's users. He coerces Prof. Ho into helping him.
In Australia, domestic violence is defined by Family Law Act 1975 as "violent, threatening or other behaviour by a person that coerces or controls a member of the person's family, or causes the family member to be fearful".
To make amends, McNulty promises to discover the identity of the girl found dead in the water, but is ultimately unable to do so. McNulty also finds himself under pressure from Bunk to find Omar since Bird is going on trial for the Gant shooting. McNulty coerces Bubbles into tracking down the elusive stick-up man, and Omar testifies successfully.
After they have unburied the space ship, Mark coerces Basil to join him in mucking out barn. They discuss Basil's intentions towards Gwen, and Mark reminds Basil that he owes him a favour for destroying their betamax. Mark then offers Basil a family heirloom ring with which he'd like Basil to propose marriage to Gwen.
Some legal scholars have concluded that the "Mackay" doctrine has become a tool for allowing employers to engage in bad-faith bargaining. This creates a bargaining impasse, and the threat of strikebreakers coerces unions into accepting an employer's (unlawful) last offer.
He takes a liking to Zelda Kay, not realising she is in fact a German Jew. When he discovers her true identity he tells her he will keep her secret and coerces her into sleeping with him as a thank you.
Woody Allen satirized the trial in his 1971 film "Bananas." Allen's character, Fielding Melish, is on trial and defending himself. The judge orders Melish bound and gagged. In the next scene, a bound and gagged Allen coerces a confession, à la Perry Mason, from a prosecution witness in his cross-examination.
Edith, Jake's psychiatrist then enters, mocking Jake and his problems. She taunts him and gives seemingly useless advice, stating that he "likes to deprive himself." Eventually, she coerces him into saying what he wants the most, which he says is Julie.
For each two typestates "t" <· "t", a unique typestate coercion operation needs to be provided which, when applied to an object of typestate "t", reduces its typestate to "t", possibly by releasing some resources. For example, codice_10 coerces codice_7's typestate from ""file opened"" to ""initialized, but file not opened"".
In 2008, company management in the Pacific Northwest and Southwest Retail Divisions sent a memorandum to store managers instructing them to immediately report any union activity to their supervisors. Human Rights Watch states, "The NLRB has long held that such activity interferes with, restrains, and coerces employees in the exercise of Section 7 rights in violation of workers' right to freedom of association."
"Number" types include integers, ratios, floating-point numbers, and complex numbers. Common Lisp uses bignums to represent numerical values of arbitrary size and precision. The ratio type represents fractions exactly, a facility not available in many languages. Common Lisp automatically coerces numeric values among these types as appropriate.
A characteristic of the South Atlantic subtropical frontal zone, between 15°W and 5°E, is the conversion from subtropical to sub-polar waters. As a result, this coerces the South Atlantic Current flow and is surrounded by a distinct front.