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senseball              retroscripting              feldenkrais              indivisibles              tadoma              daescher              hondt              ofqualification              polyfuze              fluxions              tessys              pymom              freewriting              chakravala              banburismus              gyrokinesis              rotafix              rosenbrock              kongsberger              neocognitron              hiwaza              pestalozzian              photoanimation              eurhythmics              gongbi              dalcroze              fingerpicking              pseudospectral              biointensive              meisner              drownproofing              harmolodics              foldforming              adequality              baconian              vegetotherapy              birkman              shadowmation              gyrotonic              cyberhumint              univariance              bashforth              meshless              stanislavski              hallade              metacognitive              mbct              nymphing              systematizing              sociocratic             

Examples of "cogitraining"
Today, José Riga keeps collaborating with the CogiTraining / SenseBall team in particular in order to implement the CogiTraining method in the specific competitive environment of a professional first team.
Jean-Louis Dupont is also the legal adviser of Michel Bruyninckx who has developed a revolutionary football training method and soccer ball that improve football and school performances, called CogiTraining and SenseBall.
In 2012, Bruyninckx acted as director of the Standard de Liège youth academy. In 2013, he worked for the Aspire academy (Qatar) as co-director in charge of reshaping the training programs. In 2014, the AC Milan has been using the CogiTraining/SenseBall in order to emphasise the “brain centered training” as the core training method given to its young players.
Michel Bruyninckx is a Belgian football coach primarily known for his methods of brain training for soccer players. He has worked as academy director for Belgian club Standard Liege, and at Qatar's Aspire Academy. He has named his brain training method CogiTraining.
In October 2013, he signed a contract with the Italian club AC Milan and joined the youth teams’ technical staff. Together with Michel Bruyninckx, José Riga has been committed to improving the training concepts for the players, in particular with his CogiTraining method.
For the last 15 years, in collaboration with the University of Louvain, Michel Bruyninckx has developed his method "CogiTraining", and its key tool "SenseBall", by forming a sample of 180 young people (130 boys and 50 girls). Out of them, 7 girls and 7 boys became international players for Belgium. Among those, Dries Mertens (FC Napoli) and Steven Defour (FC Porto), reserve players of the national Belgian football team.