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throated_canary_crithagra              throated_tit              backed_vulture_gyps              fronted_nunbird              savile_bustard              nettapus_auritus_african              redstart_phoenicurus_ochruros              throated_munia              crowned_hornbill              redstart_phoenicurus_ochruros_common              atrogularis              coucal_centropus_grillii              baza_aviceda_leuphotes              throated_honeyeater              bellied_bustard_lissotis_melanogaster              lophotis              thighed              necked_aracari              bellied_antbird              fronted_bee_eater              fronted_piping_guan              africanus_rüppell_vulture_gyps              ruficrista              hooded_oriole_oriolus_xanthornus              white_winged_redstart              fulvifrons              bellied_bustard_eupodotis_senegalensis              casqued_hornbill_ceratogymna_atrata              bellied_cuckoo              browed_reed_warbler              ardesiaca              wheatear_oenanthe_leucura              tailed_treecreeper              saxicola_rubetra_european              crowned_pigeon_patagioenas              winged_dove_zenaida              necked_stork_ciconia_episcopus              headed_ibis_threskiornis              guifsobalito              buff_spotted_flufftail              throated_robin_irania              bibbed              plumed_honeyeater              urochroa              headed_bunting_emberiza              crested_turaco              bellied_sunbird              crowned_crane_balearica              melanozanthos              tailed_eagle_haliaeetus             

Examples of "collared_starling"
In Thailand the collared starling is sometimes kept in captivity and taught to speak.
The white-collared starling has been reported to have both a "chirruping" and a call of three short whistled notes.
The white-collared starling ("Grafisia torquata") is a species of starling in the family Sturnidae. It is monotypic within the genus Grafisia. It is found in Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Gabon.
The black-collared starling ("Gracupica nigricollis") is a species of starling in the family Sturnidae. It is found in Brunei, Cambodia, China, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam. Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical dry forests.
The other two would better be dealt with by resurrecting "Agropsar", either as distinct genus or as subgenus of "Gracupica" which otherwise includes the black-collared starling (""Sturnus" nigricollis") and pied myna (""Sturnus" contra"); these four form a robust and ancient group of two sister species that is perhaps even closer to the wattled starling ("Creatophpora cinerea") than to the actual "Sturnus". Their similarity to "Sturnia" proper is probably simply a symplesiomorphy.
Over 30 species of birds have been recorded in the park since its creation. Birds most often seen or heard there include Chinese pond-heron, little egret, rock pigeon, spotted dove, zebra dove, plaintive cuckoo, common koel, coppersmith barbet, Asian palm-swift, barn swallow, streak-eared bulbul, black-naped oriole, large-billed crow, inornate warbler, common tailorbird, Oriental magpie-robin, pied fantail, black-collared starling, common myna, white-vented myna, olive-backed sunbird, scarlet-backed flowerpecker, Eurasian tree sparrow. Species which are seen there less often include house swift, common iora, Asian pied starling, yellow-vented bulbul, brown shrike.
The species was first identified by Anton Reichenow and named "Spreo torquatus", from the Latin for "torquated", referring to the coloration around the neck of the male. It was later identified independently by James Chapin in 1913 in the Belgian Congo as "Stilbopsar leucothorax", from the Greek λευκός (meaning "white") and θώραξ (meaning "chest"), again referring to its white collar. They were placed into its current genus "Grafisia" by George Latimer Bates in 1926, based on substantial differences between the white-collared starling and members of either "Spreo" or "Stilbopsar".