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Examples of "colombel"
Nicolas Colombel ("c".1644–1717) was a French painter, much inflluenced by Poussin.
In her book "Voyage au Bout du Vide: Une Cordėe Alpine au Masherbrum", the French mountaineer Christine de Colombel provides a dramatic account of her 1980 attempt, with David Belden, to ascend Masherbrum in alpine style. Their three-month expedition, bedeviled by bad weather, ended in failure when avalanches swept their camp and injured de Colombel, leading to a desperate three-day retreat in whiteout conditions.
Sir Edmund Head, writing in 1848, described Colombel as "in some sense a master who stood alone among his contemporaries in dignity of feeling, and in the solid character of his art." More recently, Didier Rykner has described his work as "generally easy to recognise", adding "[Colombel] does indeed have his own style, consisting in a gentle Classicism, at times a bit affected, a fondness for subtle and porcelain-like colors, deep blues (close to Sassoferrato)." A considerable number of paintings have been attributed to Colombel in recent years, including an altarpiece, "Saint Dominic Presenting the Dominican Order to Christ", in the collection of the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Grenoble, identified in 2000. An exhibition of Colombel's work was held between November 2012 and February 2013 at the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Rouen.
Colombel was born at Sotteville, near Rouen, in about 1644. He went to Rome when quite young, and remained there until 1692, forming his style by a study of the works of Raphael and Nicolas Poussin. His pictures met with considerable success, but most later critics dismissed him as a mere imitator of Poussin.
Hocine turned pro in 1998, and made his professional debut against Michael Jobert on 30 November 1998 at the Palais des Sports in Paris, France, winning by technical knockout. He fought twice more in France in 1999, winning against Aziz Makloufi with a points decision and then against David Sarraille with a knockout. Hocine fought for a final time on 27 January 2000, his only professional bout in Algeria, against Fabrice Colombel in a split decision. His nephew, Mebarek Soltani went on to compete for Algeria at the 2000 and 2004 Summer Olympics in boxing, but did not match his uncle's success, being unable to win any medals.
The lyric video was uploaded on 22 May 2015. It follows the story of a dog and his owner. The owner is sent to war, leaving his dog at home. The dog eventually runs off in search for his master, nearly getting killed by a bomb blast which knocks him out and makes him experience flashbacks of him and his owner when they were younger. The dog soon wakes up and keeps going, eventually finding his owner in the aftermath of a battle, wounded and his left leg missing. The video ends with both (the dog and his master) back home. Directed and edited by Jesper Eriksson and Blackmeal's CEO Matthieu Colombel, the animation has received a phenomenal response since its release, bringing many to tears, and even inspiring ex-military personnel to thank Avicii for making the video.
Kotelnik made his professional debut on 16 December 2000, scoring a first-round knockout against Peter Feher. On 24 January 2003, Kotelnik won his first regional championship—the vacant WBA Inter-Continental light-welterweight title—following a unanimous decision (UD) over Fabrice Colombel. He defended this title twice before a career first loss on 21 October 2004, a split decision (SD) against Souleymane M'baye. On 9 July 2005, Kotelnik challenged European light-welterweight champion Junior Witter, but lost via UD. In his next fight, on 26 November 2005, Kotelnik defeated Muhammad Abdullaev via UD to win back the vacant WBA Inter-Continental light-welterweight title, as well as the vacant WBO Asia Pacific light-welterweight title.