Synonyms for colorata or Related words with colorata

calcarata              vestita              foveolata              plumosa              ventricosa              cuneifolia              rivularis              anomalum              gracilipes              laxiflora              hernandia              cornuta              ellipticum              ciliata              subulata              erubescens              hirtella              recurva              horrida              appendiculata              filipes              micranthus              amoenum              congesta              virgata              mucronata              graminifolia              bidentata              ovatum              candolleana              costata              velutinus              spathulata              filamentosa              debilis              connata              gracilior              calcicola              sinuata              sagittata              papillosa              silvatica              speciosum              rubicunda              argentea              albomarginata              coriacea              decussata              muelleriana              perrieri             

Examples of "colorata"
Navia colorata is a species in the genus "Navia". This species is endemic to Venezuela.
Lima colorata zealandica is a subspecies of bivalve mollusc in the family Limidae.
"Pseudowintera colorata" is grown as a spice, as an ornamental, and as a traditional medicine plant.
Gemmuloborsonia colorata is a species of sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Clavatulidae.
Lygephila colorata is a moth of the family Erebidae. It is found in north-western Pakistan.
Silene colorata is a species of plant in the Caryophyllaceae family.
Apocera colorata is a species of snout moth in the genus "Apocera". It is found in Central America.
Terebra colorata is a species of sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Terebridae, the auger snails.
Pterocerina colorata is a species of ulidiid or picture-winged fly in the genus "Pterocerina" of the family Ulidiidae.
Megachile colorata is a species of bee in the family Megachilidae. It was described by Fox in 1896.
"Caladenia colorata" was first formally described by David L. Jones in 1991 and the description was published in "Australian Orchid Research". The type specimen was collected near Hartley. The specific epithet (colorata) is a Latin word meaning "colourful", referring to the colourful flowers of this orchid.
Johann Georg Christian Lehmann originally described the species in 1829 as Jungermannia colorata. then in 1893 Schiffn. moved the species to the genus Jamesoniella. Kaalaas described what he thought was a new species in 1911, but which was later reduced to a synonym of Jamesoniella colorata by Grolle in 1971.
Polyhymno colorata is a moth of the Gelechiidae family. It was described by Legrand in 1966. It is found on the Seychelles (Aldabra, Cosmoledo, Menai).
Nymphaea colorata is a water lily that is native to tropical East Africa. It was first described by A. Peter in 1928.
Crocomela colorata is a moth of the Arctiidae family. It was described by Walker in 1865. It is found in Colombia and Peru.
Glyphipterix colorata is a species of sedge moths in the genus "Glyphipterix". It was described by Edward Meyrick in 1913. It is found in Guyana.
Merulempista colorata is a species of snout moth in the genus "Merulempista". It was described by Mey in 2011, and is known from Namibia.
Psychotria colorata is a species of plant in the Rubiaceae family. It has been documented in an ethnobotanical context among the Ka'apor people of Maranhão, Brazil by Dr. William Balée, the Tulane University anthropologist and historical ecologist:
Crassula colorata, the dense pigmyweed or dense stonecrop, is an annual plant in the family Crassulaceae. The species is endemic to Australia, occurring in Western Australia, South Australia, New South Wales and Victoria.
Thopha is a genus of cicada native to eastern Australia. Five species are recognised, the double drummer ("Thopha saccata"), the northern double drummer ("T. sessiliba"), the golden drummer ("T. colorata"), "T. emmotti" and "T. hutchinsoni".