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colored              tinted              pigmented              dyed              colour              bluish              uncolored              shiny              coloration              pink              greenish              reddish              tints              colouring              painted              opaque              colours              iridescent              uncoloured              contrasting              tint              multicolored              brownish              translucent              colouration              whitish              purple              yellowish              grayish              pinkish              decorated              glitter              glossy              brightly              pastel              coloring              turquoise              colorful              thermochromic              mottled              lustrous              pearlescent              discolored              colourant              darker              colorations              whiter              shades              colorized              hued             

Examples of "coloured"
The name "Seven Coloured Earth(s)" is a descriptive—rather than an official—name. Sources report many variations of this name, including "Chamarel Seven Coloured Earths", "Chamarel Coloured Earth(s)", "Coloured Earth", and " in French.
Two quartets, with end-of-line assonances coloured yellow and end-and-beginning assonances coloured teal.
Rank markings were coloured cloth cuff bands and coloured diamond shaped cloth cap badge backing.
Coloured fur on white part or white patches on the coloured parts.
The way you coloured me that my heart also is coloured now
The species are in length and are brown coloured. It is marked with twolightly coloured bands across the wings,
Coloured signalling uses multi-coloured lighting, and in many places is automatically controlled. There are three modes:
Magenta coloured samphire bushes flourish in the white sandbanks, and the sand dunes are terra-cotta-coloured.
Special regulation signs are usually square or rectangle with a blue ground and a light coloured symbol or inscription or with a light coloured ground and a dark coloured symbol or inscription.
In addition, another element in the coloured makeup was the coloured community in the enclave of Walvis Bay (which remained part of South Africa until 1994) that was closely linked to the people and traditions of the Cape Coloured.
The species is brown coloured, is long, and have silver coloured bands on forewings which are hairy as well. Unlike "Pilophorus perplexus" their forewings are orange-brown coloured. The species feed on aphids.
In 1958, the government established the Department of Coloured Affairs, followed in 1959 by the Union for Coloured Affairs. The latter had 27 members and served as an advisory link between the government and the Coloured people.
On 18 April 1955, SWACTA and SWA Coloured People's Bond (SWACPB) present a petition to the SWA Administration and the South African Department of Native Affairs for the creation of a new "coloured" township in Windhoek. In addition, SWACTA requests the establishment of a Council for Coloured Affairs. Till this point, the "coloured" population in Windhoek is represented by a "coloured" member on the Native Advisory Board of the Old Location.
Coloured people played an important role in the struggle against apartheid and its predecessor policies. The African Political Organisation, established in 1902, had an exclusively Coloured membership; its leader Abdullah Abdurahman rallied Coloured political efforts for many years. Many Coloured people later joined the African National Congress and the United Democratic Front. Whether in these organisations or others, many Coloured people were active in the fight against apartheid.
The so-called golden age of hand-coloured photography in the western hemisphere occurred between 1900 and 1940. The increased demand for hand-coloured landscape photography at the beginning of the 20th century is attributed to the work of Wallace Nutting. Nutting, a New England minister, pursued hand-coloured landscape photography as a hobby until 1904, when he opened a professional studio. He spent the next 35 years creating hand-coloured photographs, and became the best-selling hand-coloured photographer of all time.
Disqualifications: Wrong coloured eyes (see Colour Standard). Discoloured or wall eyes (pale blue iris), specked eyes (pale blue spots or specks on the iris). Coloured fur on the White part or white patches on the coloured parts. Flesh markings (usually on ears). Trimming (attempts to straighten out irregularities, dyeing white spots on coloured fur etc.). Malocclusion and mutilated teeth.
Ventrally the lizards are yellow or orange to greenish-orange coloured, partly with a mother-of-pearl shimmer. Males are often more brightly coloured. Juveniles resemble their parents but the coloured dorsal stripes are narrower and less intensly coloured. Ventrally the juveniles are pitch-black in contrast to the adults.
The species is long and is black coloured with colourful metallic reflections on its shin. Their shin is metallic bronze, green or blue coloured.
Adults are fawn coloured, the forewings with a broad darker fawn-coloured band and an elongated submarginal spot of the same colour. The hindwings are blackish.
The name "Demer" comes from the Celtic language words "tam" (dark coloured) and "ara" (water) giving rise to a name meaning "dark coloured river".