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Examples of "comercial"
Comercial Futebol Clube (SP), usually known simply as Comercial (or as Comercial de Ribeirão Preto), is a traditional Brazilian football club from Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo state.
Aviación Comercial Argentina 1945-1980, Pablo L. Potenze, Ed. El Cronista Comercial, Buenos Aires, 1987
Comercial Mexicana has different retail formats, with the general stores branded as Comercial Mexicana, the larger stores as Mega Comercial Mexicana and its smaller facilities as Bodega Comercial Mexicana. Many of its general stores are connected to a shopping mall with competing businesses surrounding. An example is Plaza Río in Tijuana, Baja California, which has Comercial Mexicana as an anchor store but also has a traditional department store and smaller specialty stores selling items that can be purchased in Comercial Mexicana.
Comercial Atlético Clube, commonly known as Comercial, is a Brazilian football club based in Campo Maior, Piauí state. They will compete in the 2011 Copa do Brasil.
Mural Painting, Galeria Comercial, Santurce, Puerto Rico
Tiendas Comercial Mexicana S.A. de C.V., colloquially known as La Comercial or La Comer, is a Mexican hypermarket group that operates mainly in Mexico City and Central Mexico. It is owned and operated by Controladora Comercial Mexicana, which also owns Sumesa stores, City Market stores, Alprecio stores and Restaurantes California. Comercial Mexicana, including its different store formats, is the third-largest supermarket chain in Mexico as of 2014.
In 1973, Comercial competed in the Campeonato Brasileiro Série A for the first time. The club finished in the 26th place, ahead of Atlético Paranaense. In 1975, EC Comercial won its only Campeonato Matogrossense title. In 1979, Comercial competed in the Campeonato Sul-Matogrossense state championship first edition. The club was defeated by Operário in the final.
Comercial Los Ultimos Heroes Telemundo Puerto Rico Por Siempre - (1990)
"Where the Spirits Dwell", Galeria Comercial, San Juan, Puerto Rico
Controladora Comercial Mexicana, S.A.B. de C.V. is a Mexican holding company of hypermarkets headquartered in Mexico City, Mexico. It operates the hypermarkets Comercial Mexicana and Mega, which have strong presence in Mexico City and Central Mexico.
Main shopping centers are the Centro Comercial Otay and Plaza Americana Otay, which is located in front of Centro Comercial Otay. The area is noted as the second gastronomic hub of the city, with many restaurants.
In 1937, the bank strengthened its position in commercial banking through a merger with Banco Comercial de Lisboa to form Banco Espírito Santo e Comercial de Lisboa (BESCL), which again changed its name to BES in 1999.
Carlos González Nova (August 14, 1917 - August 19, 2009) was a Mexican businessman who co-founded the Comercial Mexicana supermarket chain in 1930. Comercial Mexicana is the third largest supermarket chain in Mexico as of 2009.
Carlos González Nova, Comercial Mexicana's co-founder, served as the chairman of the company's board of directors until 1998. He remained the honorary chairman of Comercial Mexicana until his death on August 19, 2009, at the age of 92.
Esporte Clube Comercial, usually known simply as Comercial, is a traditional Brazilian football club from Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul state. The club competed several times in the Campeonato Brasileiro Série A.
The club's name, "Comercial", is the Portuguese language word for "commercial".
Taubaté is a Brazilian footballer playing for the Comercial Futebol Clube.
La Comercial is a "barrio" (neighbourhood or district) of Montevideo, Uruguay.
In 1899 he submitted his first articles to the newspapers "El Heraldo Comercial" and "El Despertador".
The worst placed team, which is Comercial-SP, was relegated to the following year's second level.