Synonyms for comleroy or Related words with comleroy

marangu              mporokoso              nyalas              bodgaya              telawi              gyzyletrek              artabuynk              kyaukpadaung              attidiya              belum              behlolpur              rubeculoides              karangan              kakaramea              vadasserikara              timau              piparcity              florencecourt              senggarang              lundenes              helmeringhausen              kudardup              majholi              bambili              saltia              peringathur              jogoo              karekare              nyahururu              tambaksari              pokhri              thoppur              sojat              bellara              neora              fushiebridge              poopara              kachhla              borong              akrar              thadeua              laleia              papparapatti              dragot              jaldapara              hamdallaye              bhitagarh              ardfern              pesanggrahan              dharasuram             

Examples of "comleroy"
William Lawson was given a grant of near Wheeny Creek in 1810, but never lived there. Together with Gregory Blaxland and William Charles Wentworth, Lawson made a successful crossing of the Blue Mountains in 1813, which is now the major road to the west – the Great Western Highway. The oldest settlement was along Comleroy Road, which from about 1819 had been the main road north from Sydney to the Hunter Valley. In 1827 it was described as nothing but a bridle track and used chiefly to drove cattle to the new settlements in the Hunter River Valley.
During the 1920s and 1930s, the district contained many guest houses, especially along Comleroy Road. The beautiful scenery of rolling hills with the mountain backdrop attracted many city people for a stay in the country. The Kurrajong Heights Hotel, a magnificent building with panoramic views towards the coast, was opened in 1928 but destroyed by fire in 1975. The 1950s and 60s saw a decline in local tourism as people began to travel further afield for their holidays, in cars and planes. Kurrajong's orchards also began to decline and many properties were subdivided into smaller acreages. Horses and cows grazed on the paddocks once covered by fruit trees.