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Examples of "compania"
Ralph Carlisle Smith, watching from Compania Hill, wrote:
Additionally, Dulce Compania puts together larger and smaller show productions for various events.
He served as president of Compania del Pacifico, a Latin American export firm.
Electrical power is supplied by CEMIG(Compania Energética de Minas Gerais,"Energetic Company of Minas Gerais).
Programming on this station includes Cascabel and Compania on mornings, Isidro Roman on mid-days and Victor Victor on afternoons.
Since 2009 Javor Gardev is a member of the European Film Academy. In 2011 he founded Compania Ecstatica.
The performance company places emphasis on stiltwalking. Dulce Compania makes use of a large repertoire of fantastical costumes.
From 1947-1953, he served as President-Chairman of the Board, Compania Anonima Venezolana Lummus in Caracas, Venezuela.
Refitted for merchant service, she operated as "Mormaclark" until sold on 27 June 1947 to Compania de La Paloma, S.A., out of Ancon, Canal Zone, under the name "Star Betelgeuse". In 1949, she still operated under the Panamanian flag; but her owner was then Compania Naviera.
In 1880 a Spanish zarzuela was performed in Cebu by members of Compania de Navarro, a visiting troupe from Manila. The prompter of the Compania, Eduardo Lopez, stayed in Cebu and became an important personality in the local theater. Other theater personalities at this time include Sabas Veloso, Sebastian Lingatong and Balbino Abadia.
Unfortunately Pierre Ducos, a French intelligence officer, has placed an agent within the Compania Irlandesa, Dona Juanita de Elia, a Spanish noblewoman, the mistress both of the Compania's commander, Lord Kiely, and of Loup. Rumours of British atrocities in Ireland, backed up by forged American newspapers, seem to ensure the Compania will desert, as planned, but Sharpe finds it hard to resist his instincts to turn the demoralised exiles into real soldiers. He persuades Runciman to divert arms and ammunition to the Compania, and conspires with a local partisan, El Castrador, to kill and mutilate a party of deserters to deter the rest.
Chamber ensembles involved in historically informed performance include Marais Project, Accademia Arcadia, La Compania, Ironwood and probably Australia's oldest group of this kind, The Renaissance Players.
Chamber ensembles involved in historically informed performance include Marais Project, Accademia Arcadia, La Compania, Ironwood and probably Australia's oldest group of this kind, The Renaissance Players.
In 1926 Juan Esperanza left the consortium and created his own company. The company changed name and became "Unceta y Compania".
DL Street renamed the ship "Redbrook". In 1965 Street sold her to Hegif Compania Naviera SA of Greece, who renamed her "E Evangelia".
Maredelanto Compania Naviera SA v Bergbau-Handel GmbH or The Mihalis Angelos [1970] EWCA Civ 4 is an English contract law case, concerning breach of contract.
The Destroyer was initially manufactured in Eibar, Spain by Gaztanaga y Compania, then by Ayra Duria S.A. and possibly others, with some minor improvements made over time.
Many useful laws were passed and the islands prospered during this term. The royal tribunal of commerce was created in Manila, January 1, 1834 while the Real Compania de Filipinas was dissolved by royal order of September 6, 1834. The establishment of the Real Compania de Filipinas (Royal Company of the Philippines), though unsuccessful financially, stimulated considerably the development of Philippine agriculture between 1790 and 1820, after which it did little until its dissolution.
He has served as Chairman of the Board of the Southern Copper Corporation since December 1999, CEO from December 1999 to October 2004 and as a member of the Board of Directors since November 1999. He has been Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Grupo Ferroviario Mexicano since 1997. He is also Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Empresarios Industriales de Mexico, Compania Perforadora Mexico, Mexico Compania Constructora, and Fondo Inmobiliario since 1992.
Founded in 1872 and listed since 1893, CSAV (Compania Sud Americana de Vapores) is one of the oldest shipping lines. It is the largest shipping company in Latin America and number 20 in the world, according to Alphaliner.