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Examples of "concessionary"
IRO Section.26B Concessionary deductions, general provisions
Residents Concessionary toll 40p (peak), 30p (off peak)
members of the public to swim regularly. Concessionary rates will
Concessionary fares are available to people with disabilities such as physical handicaps, learning disorders, blindness, deafness or cerebral palsy, provided that they are registered with the Department of Social Welfare. The concessionary fares range from RM 0.30 to RM 1.40.
On the island of Jersey, the concessionary licences are available on a means-tested basis.
A Permission to Officiate (PTO) is a concessionary ministry licence granted by an Anglican bishop.
Merseytravel concessionary travel passes are also valid on National Rail services within Merseyside.
Freedom Passes issued to qualifying persons are also an English National Concessionary Bus Pass. They look identical to concessionary bus passes but are additionally marked "Freedom Pass" with the word "Pass" in red. Unlike the Freedom pass, the 60+ Oyster card is not valid for concessionary travel outside of the area approved by the Greater London Authority. This is because the concessionary bus travel scheme is centrally funded by government, but the Oyster 60+ and the Freedom Pass's validity on Tube, tram and rail networks is funded locally by the Greater London Authority.
This is a concessionary license system taxation, to tax a high proportion of the resource rent.
It is operated by the concessionary Aeroporto de Feira de Santana.
1898: The concessionary companies are allocated vast territories which they put in regulated sections.
In addition to their traditional stock management, Matalan operate a number of concessionary product offers in store. These include:
The BahnCard 50 can be purchased for a concessionary price by students under 27 years of age.
The statistics for interchanges at this station exclude exchanges between trains, estimated at around 2 million, and concessionary pass holders.
Until the Stagecoach takeover, ticketing was done via ticket machines provided by Abberfield Technology of Australia. These blue ticket machines dispensed adult single ride tickets, senior citizen concessionary tickets and child concessionary tickets. As well as singles, the machines sold multi-packs at a discount. Fare tables were shown on the machines with the validity of the different prices.
There are concessionary ticket and group ticket for the General Pass. Concessionary tickets are available for the elderly, children and disables. Group ticket can be used by up to four people travelling together at a fixed price. Price remains the same if it is used by just two or three persons.
Since August 12, 2014 it has been operated by the concessionary Rio Galeão, a consortium formed by the Brazilian investor Odebrecht and Changi Airport Group, with a minority participation of the government owned company Infraero, the previous operator. The new concessionary has been using the brand name RIOgaleão – Aeroporto Internacional Tom Jobim.
Holders of the Concessionary Travel Pass resident in Wrexham and Flintshire can travel free along part of the line, from Wrexham Central Station to Hawarden Bridge Station. Holders of the Merseytravel Concessionary Travel Pass can travel free along the section of the line that runs through Merseyside, from Heswall Station to Bidston Station.
After the rail merger, there are three different fare classes on the MTR: Adult, Students and Concessionary. Only children below the age of 12 and senior citizens 65 years or older are eligible for the concessionary rate on all lines. Full-time Hong Kong students between the ages of 12 and 25 qualify for the concessionary rate using a personalized Octopus Card on all lines except on Airport Express, or travel to or from cross-border stations (Lo Wu/Lok Ma Chau). Children below the age of 3 travel free (unless they exceed the height range).
The king appointed an engineer to oversee construction, and an inspector of roads and bridges, to be paid by the concessionary.