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Examples of "concise_encyclopedia"
He was syntax editor for the first edition of the "Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics" and was joint editor, with Jim Miller, of "A Concise Encyclopedia of Linguistic Theories and A Concise Encyclopedia of Grammatical Categories" (Pergamon Press,
Similar criticism have also been voiced about the "Concise Encyclopedia of Hinduism".
The New Encyclopedia of Islam is a revised edition of the "Concise Encyclopedia of Islam"
CRC Concise Encyclopedia of Mathematics is a bestselling book by American author Eric W. Weisstein.
This work is sometimes compared to the "McGraw-Hill Concise Encyclopedia of Science & Technology".
This is the cast listing according to "The Concise Encyclopedia of American Radio".
"Fransalians", Devasia Manalel MSFS in "A Concise Encyclopedia of Christianity in India"2014, pp. 396 –398
He is the author of several entries in the "CRC Concise Encyclopedia of Mathematics", Chapman & Hall, 2002.
Variants of Compton's CD-ROM encyclopedias were "Compton's Concise Encyclopedia", "Compton's Family Encyclopedia", and "Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia".
Spolsky, B. 1999. "Research centers". In: Spolsky, B. (ed.), Concise encyclopedia of educational linguistics. Amsterdam: Elsevier. P. 734-739.
Mathrubhumi Yearbook is a concise encyclopedia of current affairs published annually in Malayalam and English by The Mathrubhumi Printing & Publishing Co. Ltd., India.
Stephen C. Manganiello. "The Concise Encyclopedia of the Revolutions and Wars of England, Scotland, and Ireland, 1639-1660". Scarecrow Press, 2004.
"Concise Encyclopedia of Supersymmetry" contains articles devoted to supergravity, M-theory, quantum gravity, quantum groups, noncommutative geometry and other topics related to supersymmetry.
Aguirre Licht, Daniel 2009. ‘Choco languages’, in Brown, Keith and Sarah Ogilvie (eds.). Concise Encyclopedia of Languages of the World. Amsterdam: Elsevier,
Berns, M. & Matsuda, P. K. 2010. "Applied linguistics". In: Berns, M. (ed.), Concise encyclopedia of applied linguistics. Amsterdam: Elsevier. P. 9.
Scott retired in 1953, and thereafter wrote several books related to crime and policing including "The Concise Encyclopedia of Crime and Criminals" (1962).
There is also a one-volume "McGraw-Hill Concise Encyclopedia of Science and Technology" based on the full set. The sixth edition was published in May 2009 in twenty volumes including the "Index" (ISBN 9780071613668).
Aside from numerous articles, occasional lectures such as "The "matter of Britain": A historian's perspective" (a Creighton Trust lecture), and his main publications ("see below"), he edited "The Middle Ages: A Concise Encyclopedia".
Eric Wolfgang Weisstein (born March 18, 1969) is an encyclopedist who created and maintains "MathWorld" and "Eric Weisstein's World of Science" ("ScienceWorld"). He is the author of the "CRC Concise Encyclopedia of Mathematics". He currently works for Wolfram Research, Inc.
A textbook-type example of an alternative interpretation to Marx's is provided by Lester Thurow. He argues in an "Concise Encyclopedia of Economics" article: "In a capitalistic society, profits – and losses – hold center stage." But what, he asks, explains profits?