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Examples of "condry"
William Moreton Condry MA, MSc (1 March 1918 – 30 May 1998), or Bill Condry as he was often known, was a naturalist who was born in Birmingham, England.
In 2002, Condry was appointed Canon Treasurer at Canterbury Cathedral.
RSPB Ynys-hir was founded on the estate of the late Hugh Maplin, who invited naturalist Bill Condry and his wife Penny to move into one of the estate cottages, , in 1959. Condry became the first RSPB warden when they took over the nature reserve in 1969. Condry was one of the main forces in the preservation of the red kite. Condry, who died in 1998 received an hon. MSc from the University of Wales in 1980. He wrote many guides and nature books.
Ed Condry was born to Roy and Muriel Condry and attended Latymer Upper School in Hammersmith, London. He read for his BA at the University of East Anglia and for his BLitt at Exeter College, Oxford, graduating in 1974 and 1977 respectively. He then went on to study for his doctorate (a DPhil) from Oxford University and was awarded his doctorate in 1980 before training for the priesthood. Condry has since received an MBA through the Open University in 2002. He married Sarah Long (a school teacher) in 1977, and they now have four adult children: two sons, Felix and Jerome, and two daughters, Hannah and Frances.
Dr. John Condry of Cornell University interviewed more than 500 children for a study of the issue and found that not a single child was angry at his or her parents for telling them Santa Claus was real. According to Dr. Condry, "The most common response to finding out the truth was that they felt older and more mature. They now knew something that the younger kids did not".
Edward Francis "Ed" Condry (born 25 April 1953) is the suffragan Bishop of Ramsbury in the Diocese of Salisbury and the former Canon Treasurer at Canterbury Cathedral in the Church of England.
"James S. Chambers" was a three-masted schooner purchased by the Navy at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 4 September 1861; and commissioned at Philadelphia Navy Yard 16 December, Lt. Dennis Condry in command.
Susan Higgins succeeded George as Musical Director in 1981. After 26 years Higgins was succeeded by Ben Palmer in September 2007. David Condry succeeded Ben Palmer in January 2013.
Tamura points to a shift in Japanese hip hop, when artists began to focus on issues pertinent to Japanese society, versus previous styles and subjects that were copied from US hip hop culture. For Japan, the style of hip hop was much more appealing than topics popular in American hip hop, such as violence. Ian Condry, on the other hand, focuses on an interplay between local and global hip hop within the genba of Japan. For Condry, Japanese hip hop was born out of simultaneous localization and globalization of hip hop culture, rather than a shift between the two binary factors.
In his first ethnographic book entitled "Hip-Hop Japan: Rap and the Paths of Cultural Globalization", Condry explores issues of race, gender, language, musical history, and contemporary cultural politics, all as they relate to the Japanese rap music scene. He argues that performance sites, such as recording studios and nightclubs, are the specific paths that lead to cultural globalization. Condry believes that by viewing such locations more closely, we can then understand the specific dialogue that occurs between global/local, producer/consumer, and artist/industry.
The diocese announced in August 2011 that the Bishop of Salisbury had commissioned (under new national guidelines) a consultation as to whether a new Bishop of Ramsbury should be appointed. The appointment of Ed Condry was announced on 19 June 2012.
Ian Condry (born 1965) is a cultural anthropologist and author. He graduated from Harvard University in 1987 with a B.A. in Government and received his Ph.D. in Anthropology from Yale University in 1999. He is currently a Professor of Japanese Cultural Studies at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
10 Downing Street announced on 19 June 2012 that Condry had been nominated suffragan Bishop of Ramsbury in the Diocese of Salisbury. He was consecrated as a bishop at Westminster Abbey on 21 September and welcomed (enthroned/installed) at Salisbury Cathedral on 23 September 2012.
Author Ian Condry notes that the festival is extremely important to a hip hop scene that many doubted could even exist: “Up until the mid-nineties, people who worked in the entertainment world pointed to hip hop’s rootedness in African American communities as a reason to doubt its possible takeoff in Japan, where different understandings of race, language, and social class prevail.”
Their music video opens with an image of ground zero Hiroshima. The group song video uses images of Hiroshima's ground zero after the bombing as a way of rethinking ground zero New York. According to Ian Condry the image, "at the center of the picture, the government building now known as the Peace Dome figures prominently."
He died from kidney failure on 30 May 1998, at Morriston Hospital. Following cremation at Aberystwyth, his ashes were scattered on Cadair Idris. The William Condry Memorial Lecture is held annually in his honour, and a hide at is named after him.
UEA alumni in business and economics include the Argentine billionaire businessman and real estate developer Eduardo Costantini, the founders of Autonomy (David Tabizel) and Café Rouge (Karen Jones), and CEOs of ICI, Jaguar Land Rover, Proton, Premier Foods, Diageo, Punch Taverns, Computacenter and Pier 1 Imports. UEA is also the alma mater of the explorer Benedict Allen (Environmental Sciences, 1981); England rugby player Andy Ripley; football commentator Martin Tyler (Sociology, 1967), and the Bishop of Ramsbury Ed Condry (BA, 1974).
Norvel Austin, was trained by sputnik Monroe, won southern heavyweight tag titles with sputnik Monroe, again with randy Rhodes and dennis condry as the original midnight express, then again with cocoa b ware as the pyt express. also held the southern heavyweight title from jerry lawler. and held the worlds jr heavyweight title, also held several Japanese titles. source of information(kelvin Austin, norvel austins brother and retired Memphis professional wrestler as well
Condry studied for the priesthood at Lincoln Theological College, being awarded his Diploma in Theology (DipTh; accredited by the University of Nottingham) in 1981 and being ordained deacon in 1982. He then served his three-year title post as assistant curate at Weston Favell, one year into which he was ordained a priest. His first incumbency was as vicar at Bloxham with Milcombe and South Newington from 1985 until he became rector at the Rugby Team Ministry in 1993.
Taylor-Condry House, also known as "Ednalea," is a historic home located at Elkins, Randolph County, West Virginia. It was built in 1880-1881, on the site of an 1820s structure. It is a two-story masonry building on a stone foundation in the Colonial Revival style. It is based upon the design of Washington's "Mount Vernon," and has a red asphalt shingle hipped roof with four gabled dormers and topped by a cupola. It features a full, two story columned portico that extends along the full facade of both the front and north side elevation and includes nine Tuscan order columns.