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Examples of "conjection"
Olathe AFS used these radars in conjection with the Nike missile Army Air-Defense Command Post (AADCP) KC-65DC (1959–1969).
His work on the human ovum, in conjection with Professor Teacher led to an ovum type being named the "Teacher-Bryce Ovum", in medical terms usually referred to as TB-1.
The Type 347G "Rice Bowl" I-band fire-control radar is found on Chinese Navy ships, in conjection with the Type 76A dual-37mm automatic AAA gun. Typically, the system includes 2 Type 347G fire-control radar with optical director, and 4 Type 76A guns. They're used on the Luda, Luhu, Luhai, Jiangwei class surface warships, as well as the Houjian, Houxin, and Haiging class patrol boats.
The Type 341 Radar is a fire control radar in conjection with the Type 76A dual-37mm automatic AAA gun used on a number of early PLA-N frigates and destroyers, and it has been succeeded by Type 347 Radar in Chinese service. Type 341 is the first generation gun control radar indigenuously developed in China and it is used to control 30 mm and 37 mm guns. Type 341 radar can direct two guns simultaneously against a single target. Development begun in 1970, with design finalized in December 1974. First prototype was completed in May 1975, and two more delivered for further evaluation in December 1979. Design was finalized in March 1984, and seven months later, production was transferred from the original Shanghai 2nd Radio Factory to Factory 4110 in Guizhou. In 1983, Type 341 won the Scientific and Technological Achievement Award in Fourth Ministry of Machine-Building of the PRC.
The Susman brothers became involved in one more copperbelt enterprise. This time in conjection with their nephews, Maurice and Harry Gersh, they set up in 1931 a company called Economy Stores Limited. It established stores which eventually became department stores called Economy Stores. Economy Stores was to serve as the base for an enormous proliferation of enterprises in the post-War years. When the recession of 1931-33 led to closure of mining operations, the Susman brothers sent Maurice, to "work in their businesses and to oversee the liquidation of some of their assets affected by the recession." Harry Gersh joined his brother on the copperbelt in 1930 and set up a store at Nchanga. He later moved to Nkana and set up another one there also. Elie Susman helped his nephews to start up and set up stores by identifying the sites to build them between 1935 and 1936. Maurice Gersh played a leading role in negotiations with the Northern Rhodesian government, with the set-up on a new town near Nkana, called Kitwe.