Synonyms for conned or Related words with conned

duped              blackmailed              swindled              coaxed              blackmails              goaded              scammed              tricked              suckered              intimidates              railroaded              lured              goads              smuggles              deceives              brainwashes              coerces              snuck              sneaked              blackmailing              hustled              cajoled              coaxes              deceived              tricking              seduced              hypnotised              brainwashed              parlayed              cajoles              shapeshifts              hypnotizes              hypnotized              guilted              shoehorned              barged              bribed              wooed              shamed              badgered              dragooned              delved              inveigled              lulled              shoves              bluffed              coerced              hounded              snowballed              guilts             

Examples of "conned"
Extremely stretched, & conned [learnt] with cruel pain,
in addition to blackmailing his house party guests—and many others—George has conned his
Wanniski's last published work was an article for the 2005 IHS Press antiwar anthology, "Neo-Conned!".
In Spring 2010, a truckload of Kenco Coffee was stolen by a driver who conned his way into the plant.
On 29 November 2013, A Current Affair aired a story of customers claiming to have been conned by Mr Porritt.
A television documentary called "The Spy Who Stole My Life" showed the town as the backdrop of the Robert Hendy-Freegard story, who conned students from the town was shown by Channel Five on 7 September 2005. In Australia, this was called "The spy Who Conned Me".
On 2 October 2008, a BBC News Investigation claimed, "Prospective tenants are being conned out of thousands of pounds in an elaborate Internet scam using Gumtree".
Four mail order brides from New Orleans and a young girl conned into a non-existing job in Brazil find adventure, danger and romance in the jungle.
In the official comic book, Rocko works as a comic book dealer in Issue #7's "Conned Again", working for "Humongo Con."
The video also features appearances by director Giraldi as a pool shark who is conned by McCartney, and Art Carney as an audience member for the vaudeville show.
Each submarine had a crew of two men. A junior officer conned the boat while a petty officer manipulated valves and moved ballast to control trim and diving.
Colleague Mike Murphy, in disguise, conned Byrne into believing he was a French tourist in an iconic television moment in Ireland.
This book also, after giving an example, will tell what tricked/conned the victims of the scam, and how to prevent it in real life or business.
A further book, "Conned Again, Watson! Cautionary Tales of Logic, Math, and Probability", which is more mathematically oriented, was published in 2001.
Wetumka was conned by a man named F. Bam Morrison in 1950, and the town laughs about it each year through a celebration called Sucker Day.
Bullwinkle suddenly believes he is a brilliant actor and is conned by Boris into making a movie - which proves more popular than anyone expects.
An opponent of the Iraq War, Capucci wrote the foreword for the book "Neo-Conned!: Just War Principles a Condemnation of War in Iraq", by John Sharpe.
In the season five episode "Late Editions," Clay Davis, while describing to Lester Freamon how drug money is routed from the kingpins to state and city politicians through their lawyers, mentions how he conned a fellow named "Bell" into giving him a great deal of money because Davis had convinced him that he would be able to use his connections to push his development forward quickly. As Davis laughs about how he conned Stringer, Freamon's eyes light up in recognition.
One of the most notorious victims of the scam was businessman Rogério Cavaco Silva, brother of former President of Portugal Aníbal Cavaco Silva, who was conned in 1996 of US$ 35,000 which were supposed to guarantee a loan to complete a hotel in the Algarve. Six Portuguese perpetrators, who conned a total of 39 businesspeople (including Cavaco Silva) between 1996 and 1999, were sentenced in 2007 to several periods in prison, the highest of which was 6 years.