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implications              risks              complications              repercussions              manifestations              effects              dangers              sequelae              symptoms              phenomena              adverse              illnesses              toxicities              outcomes              difficulties              potentially              toxicity              hazards              impacts              pathologies              illness              interventions              inefficiencies              disturbances              abnormalities              serious              instability              tendencies              involvement              disruptions              devastating              ramifications              deficits              benefits              etiology              impairment              deleterious              profound              incidents              accidents              troubles              injuries              morbidity              inefficiency              threats              behaviour              harm              impairments              challenges              issues             

Examples of "consequences"
While proving consequences from "E" often requires human intuition, proving consequences from "R" does not.
In the social sciences, unintended consequences (sometimes unanticipated consequences or unforeseen consequences) are outcomes that are not the ones foreseen and intended by a purposeful action. The term was popularised in the twentieth century by American sociologist Robert K. Merton.
Actions have Consequences: Another theme is that actions have consequences. Scott has to grow up to be able to make the decisions in life, yet sometimes it can lead to consequences.
Moral action always has consequences for certain people or things. Varieties of consequentialism can be differentiated by the beneficiary of the good consequences. That is, one might ask "Consequences for whom?"
Phadke gave a special thought to 'C' which was earlier described merely as Consequences. He precisely named it as 'Choice-blocking consequences'. In later years, he further elaborated it by making a distinction between choice freeing consequences leading to healthy emotions and choice blocking consequences leading to unhealthy emotions.
Most consequentialist theories focus on "promoting" some sort of good consequences. However, Negative utilitarianism lays out a consequentialist theory that focuses solely on minimizing bad consequences.
Truth or Consequences hosts several local hot springs. The combined flow of the hot springs complex in Truth or Consequences is estimated at per second.
Late effects are of two kinds: consequences of the tumor itself, and consequences of surgery and other treatments for the tumor.
Some consequences of the RH are also consequences of its negation, and are thus theorems. In their discussion of the Hecke, Deuring, Mordell, Heilbronn theorem, say
The term "inverse consequences" or the "Law of Inverse Consequences" refers to results that are the opposite of the expected results as initially intended or planned.
The consequences of defaunation can be expected to affect the plant community. There are three non-mutually exclusive conclusions as to the consequences on tropical forest plant communities:
Hot Springs High School (HSHS) is a 4-year public high school located in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, within the Truth or Consequences Municipal Schools.
Consequence class 3, high consequences of failure:
with disastrous social consequences. In "Manna" (1940)
Ancillary consequences of this personality complex are:
In 2012, The Missionary Position released "Consequences".
The transformations have the following consequences:
This law has the following important consequences:
Further consequences of an inhomogeneous medium include:
Potential problems and consequences from regrading include: