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Examples of "contrastin"
Raymond Contrastin was a French rugby league footballer of the 1950s. A France international representative winger, he has been inducted into the International Rugby League Hall of Fame.
Contrastin featured in the 1951 French rugby league tour of Australia and New Zealand, Les Chanticleers first such tour, during which they lost four of their 28 games.
Also known as wingers. There are two wingers in a rugby league team, numbered 2 and 5. The wingers are the players positioned closest to the touch-line on each side of the field. They are generally among the fastest players in a team, with the speed to exploit space that is created for them and finish an attacking move. In defence their primary role is the mark their opposing wingers, and they are also usually required to catch and return kicks made by an attacking team, often dropping behind the defensive line to help the fullback. Wingers that feature in their respective nations' rugby league halls of fame are Great Britain's Billy Batten, Australia's Brian Bevan, John Ferguson, Ken Irvine, Harold Horder and Brian Carlson, South African Tom van Vollenhoven, Great Britain's Billy Boston and Clive Sullivan and France's Raymond Contrastin