Synonyms for convexely or Related words with convexely

concavely              compoundly              concavedly              convexly              hyperbolically              radiussed              curvation              convexedly              parabolically              semicircularly              nonconcave              filleted              didelfus              obtusely              concavoconvexedly              anticlastically              arciform              towardless              bulbously              concaving              pyramidally              inflatingly              frustaconical              convergingly              incurved              geometryincluding              uncurved              trapezoidally              curvilinearly              taperingly              curvingly              roundly              parallogram              jawsan              narrowingly              parabolas              concavingly              mendesaddle              ogival              sidecut              arcuated              frustal              concaveness              noncovex              pyramidical              roundedly              curvedly              anticlastic              semicylinder              frusto             

Examples of "convexely"