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Examples of "coolestown"
Coolestown derives its name from Coolestown (Irish "Baile an Chúlaígh"), a former name of Edenderry, from the Cooley/Cowley/Colley family who ruled it from 1560.
Coolestown () is a barony in County Offaly (formerly King's County), Republic of Ireland.
Coolestown is located in easternmost County Offaly. The Philipstown River flows through it.
In the 16th century, it had the name of Coolestown, after the family of Cooley or Cowley, who had a castle here, defended in 1599 against the Earl of Tyrone's rebellion. This subsequently passed by marriage to the Blundell family and was sacked in 1691 by the army of James II.
Coolestown was part of the ancient divisions known as Túath Dá Maige ("túath" of the Two Plains), and Ferran Uí Muircáin lying east of the Figile River. The Uí Muircáin (Morahan, Moran) were a sub-sept of Clan Colgan. The tuath of Mag Lége is also noted here with its association to the Uí Failge septs of the Uí Onchon and Uí Cellaig (O'Kelly).
Meyler was a great-grandson of Robert de Bermingham who is said to have obtained a grant of Offaly from Strongbow or Henry II about 1172. Robert's son (Meyler, killed 1211) and grandson (Peter, died 1254) were both described as of Tethmoy, which is thought to have been the baronies of Warrenstown and part of Coolestown. Peter de Bermingham had sons James, Andrew, Maurice and Meyler.
Warrenstown is roughly formed from the tuath Tuath Muighe Cloinne Cholgain, indicating a relationship to the Ó hAonghusa (O'Hennessy) and Ó hUallacháin (O'Houlihan). The Crích na Cétach (O'Fallon) and the Clann Máel Chéin are noted people early to this area. Tuath Muighe (aka Tuath dá Maige, or Tethmoy) was an ancient district which comprised the modern baronies of Warrenstown and the northern part of Coolestown. The Berminghams were early Anglo-Norman grantees of Tethmoy.
Blundell castle sits atop a hill which overlooks the town of Edenderry and has for its companion a water tower. The castle was built in the 15th century by the De Berminghams. In the 16th century it was held by the Colley family and as a result, Edenderry became known as Coolestown or Colleytown. Sir George Colley defended the castle from attack by the O'Neill forces in 1599 during the Nine Years' War. In May 1691 the army of James II attacked the castle and it has been derelict ever since.
The old territory of Offaly is described by O'Donovan in his Ordnance Survey letters. O'Donovan notes the territory of "Ui Failghe", or Ophaley, comprising the baronies of: Geshill, Upper and Lower Philipstown, Warrenstown, and Collestown all in King's County; Ophaley (or Offaley) in County Kildare; Portnahinch and Tinahinch in Queen's County. O'Donovan cites O'Heerin as giving that Offaly was originally subdivided into seven cantreds: "Tuath Geisille" (Geashill); "Hy-Regan" (Tinahinch); "Clann-Maoilughra" (Upper Philipstown and Portnahinch); "Clar Colgain" (Lower Philipstown); "Tuath-Maighe" or Tethmoy (Coolestown and Warrenstown); "Magh Aoife", or "Fearann Ui Murchain", (northern half of the Ophaley); "Tuath-Leighe" (southern half of Ophaley).