Synonyms for coparelli or Related words with coparelli

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Examples of "coparelli"
To facilitate the robbery at sea, Dickstein acquires the "Stromberg", a sister ship of the "Coparelli", and founds a bogus maritime company. He also arranges for the "Coparelli" to suffer a mechanical breakdown at sea, and for the crew to be almost completely disembarked. Through further complicated measures, Dickstein hopes to erase traces of the uranium theft.
Israeli commandos aboard the "Stromberg" are to attack the "Coparelli", but Hassan and his Fedayeen arrive first. However Dickstein and the Israelis recapture the "Coparelli", and Hassan is killed. Dickstein then goes alone to board the Russian ship "Karla", that is also in the area, as Suza Ashford is a prisoner there. Rostov and a KGB force are aboard. Suza is able to create a diversion, enabling Dickstein to rescue her and destroy the "Karla" by means of a magnetic mine.
Dickstein travels to Luxembourg to obtain documentation on all uranium shipments from the EURATOM agency located there. He eventually achieves this by blackmailing a EURATOM employee. In his hotel he has a chance encounter with Yasif Hassan, who is now an Egyptian agent. As a result of this the KGB gets onto Dickstein's tail. For practical reasons, and also because in 1948 he successfully hijacked an arms shipment at sea, Dickstein meanwhile decides to make the uranium theft from a maritime transport of yellowcake ore, from a freighter called the "Coparelli".