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Examples of "coriacea"
Acacia coriacea" subsp. "coriacea is a subspecies of "Acacia coriacea" (river jam) that occurs in Western Australia and the Northern Territory.
Acacia coriacea" subsp. "pendens is a subspecies of "Acacia coriacea" (river jam) that is endemic to Western Australia.
Domenico Agostino Vandelli named the species first in 1761 as "Testudo coriacea" after an animal captured at Ostia and donated to the University of Padua by Pope Clement XIII. In 1816, French zoologist Henri Blainville coined the term "Dermochelys". The leatherback was then reclassified as "Dermochelys coriacea". In 1843, the zoologist Leopold Fitzinger put the genus in its own family, Dermochelyidae. In 1884, the American naturalist Samuel Garman described the species as "Sphargis coriacea schlegelii". The two were then united in "D. coriacea", with each given subspecies status as "D. c. coriacea" and "D. c. schlegelii". The subspecies were later labeled invalid synonyms of "D. coriacea".
The larvae have been recorded feeding on "Myrsine coriacea".
The larvae feed on "Citharexylum", "Coccolobis" and "Nectandra coriacea".
Cerrado species include "Curatella american", Qualea species, and "Kielmeyera coriacea".
Coleophora coriacea is a moth of the Coleophoridae family.
This nudibranch probably feeds on the calcareous sponge, "Clathrina coriacea".
Culcita coriacea, commonly known as the Arabian cushion star, is a species of pin-cushion star.
Neoregelia coriacea is a species in the genus "Neoregelia". This species is endemic to Brazil.
"coriacea" "leathery" refers to the presence of a dorsal abdominal scutum in the male.
Clathrina coriacea is a species of calcareous sponge belonging to the family Clathrinidae.
Grevillea coriacea, commonly known as the fine-leafed beefwood, is a shrub native to Queensland.
Posidonia coriacea is a species of seagrass that occurs in the southern waters of Australia.
Xerochlamys coriacea is a tree in the family Sarcolaenaceae. It is endemic to Madagascar.
Rare species include Annona coriacea, Attalea eichleri, Chamaecrista oligosperma, Ditassa acerosa, Guettarda vibournoidese and Xylopia aromatica.
"S. coriacea" is only known from the Palau group of the Caroline Islands.
Meladema coriacea is a species of beetles belonging to the family Dytiscidae.
Poeciloxestia coriacea is a species of beetle in the family Cerambycidae.
Berlinia coriacea is a species of legume in the Fabaceae family.