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Examples of "corominas"
Joan Corominas derives the Spanish "mochila" from "mochil" ("delivery boy"), itself from Basque "mutil" ("boy").
Ernest Corominas i Vigneaux (1913 – 24 January 1992) was a Spanish-French mathematician.
Manuel Jalón Corominas died of cardiopulmonary arrest on 16 December 2011 in Zaragoza, age 86.
Xavier Sabata Corominas (born Avià, Catalonia, 1976) is a Spanish operatic countertenor.
María Corominas (born 2 July 1952) is a Spanish former swimmer who competed in the 1968 Summer Olympics.
Corominas returned to Europe, where he attained his doctorate at the University of Paris in 1952, under the supervision of Arnaud Denjoy. He then lectured in Barcelona, XxgyPrinceton, and Caracas, before settling in France at the University of Lyon. In 1966, Corominas became a French citizen.
Juan Manuel González Corominas (born May 24, 1968 in Navàs, Barcelona), also known as "Pedregá", is a Spanish off road motorbike and ATV driver.
Facilities include Cabral y Baez, Clínica Corominas, and Union Médica, and Hospital Metropolitano De Santiago which offer their services in the city.
Ferran Corominas Telechea (born 5 January 1983), commonly known as Coro, is a Spanish footballer who plays as a forward for Cypriot club Doxa Katokopias FC.
Palatchi did a stint in Buenos Aires with the Brizuela Mendez group, led by Gody Corominas, and then started out on his own.
Charness, Gary, Margarida Corominas-Bosch, and Guillaume Fréchette (2007), “Bargaining and Network Structure: An Experiment,” Journal of Economic Theory, 136, 28-65.
Diccionario crítico etimológico castellano e hispánico is a discursive etymological dictionary of Spanish compiled by Joan Corominas (also spelled Coromines) in collaboration with José Antonio Pascual. It was completed in the late 1970s and published in five volumes in the early 1980s. An index of the five volumes was published as a sixth volume in 1991. The dictionary is an expansion and consolidation of earlier etymological publications by Corominas, particularly the mid-1950s "Diccionario crítico etimológico de la lengua castellana".
José Oscar Herrera Corominas (born June 17, 1965 in Tala) is a former Uruguayan international footballer who played 56 times for the Uruguay national team. He was part of the squad that won the Copa América 1995.
Manuel Jalón Corominas (Logroño, 31 January 1925 – Zaragoza, 16 December 2011) was a Spanish inventor. Aeronautical engineer and official of the Spanish Air Force in the Aerial Base of Zaragoza, invented the mop and the disposable syringe.
Joan Coromines i Vigneaux () (also frequently spelled "Joan Corominas"; Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain 1905 – Pineda de Mar, Catalonia, Spain, 1997) was a linguist who made important contributions to the study of Catalan, Spanish, and other Romance languages.
There are different explanations for the origin of the term. Corominas (1954) gives the origin as an Arabic word for chess, other sources give the origin as Arabic for bellowing or making someone angry.
Spain has qualified at the 2017 World Games with one female athlete, Silvia Barnés Corominas, who got the pass ending sixth in 50 mt bifins at World Finswimming Championship 2016, held in Volos, Greece.
The Diccionario crítico etimológico de la lengua castellana is a discursive, four-volume etymological dictionary of Spanish compiled by the Catalan philologist Joan Corominas (1905-1997), and first published by Francke Verlag in Bern, Switzerland, in 1954.
The Diccionari etimològic i complementari de la llengua catalana (or DECat ) is an etymological dictionary of Catalan compiled by Joan Corominas with cooperation of Joseph Gulsoy and Max Cahner.
Siula Chico is a subpeak about high separated from Siula Grande by an approximately col. Mountaineers considered the easiest route to its summit was via Siula Grande's summit and it was so climbed by Manfred Sturm's 1966 expedition. Spanish alpinists Jordi Corominas and Oriol Baro made the first ascent of Chico's west face, and second ascent of the peak, in May 2007.