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Cossu was born in the Nigerian city of Buguma. The Cossu family immigrated 1990 to Italian city Foligno from his native Nigeria.
Born in Cagliari, Sardinia, Cossu was sold to Serie C1 side Ravenna in co-ownership deal. In June 2007, Cagliari decided to give their remain registration rights to Ravenna after Cossu just played twice for his new club.
The municipality of Torpè contains the "frazione" (subdivision) Biddanoa, Talava,Concas, Su cossu, Brunella.
Cossu is an Italian surname. Notable people with the surname include:
In February 2011, Andrea Cossu signed a contract with the Romanian club FC Universitatea Craiova of Liga 1.
Andrea Cossu (born 3 May 1980) is an Italian footballer who plays as an attacking midfielder for Olbia.
Alessio Cossu (born 14 January 1986) is an Italian footballer. He played in Serie C1 for Ravenna and Manfredonia.
On 14 July 2006, Damien Cossu was arrested at gunpoint while driving in Sydney. He was charged with the murder of Mark Mallia whose tortured body was stuffed in a wheelie bin, dumped in a stormwater drain and set alight. Cossu was also present at the murder of Nik Radev.
Francesco Cossu (born January 11, 1907, date of death unknown) was an Italian rower who competed in the 1932 Summer Olympics.
Cossu finally left Cagliari in summer 2015. He was re-signed by Serie D club Olbia. The club won promotion to Lega Pro to fill the vacancies.
He then played for non-professional side Muravera for a season (at league Promozione), and in 2009-10 season signed for Algero, which the club had former Cagliari team-mate Alessio Cossu, Andrea Cocco, Andrea Peana and Simone Aresti.
Andrea Bright Cossu (born August 15, 1984 in Buguma) is a Nigerian footballer, who currently plays for Norcia 480 in the Italian Prima Categoria as a midfielder. He also holds Italian citizenship.
Antoni Cossu (1927–2002) was a Sardinian novelist and poet. He studied literature in Milan before returning to Sardinia in 1959. For a time he also edited the periodical "".
2. Ti sento (Se niotho) (I hear you (I fell you)) (Duet with Carlo Marrale) – originally the song "Ti sento" which had sung by Matia Bazar from the album "Melancholia" (1986), written by Salvatore Stellita, Sergio Cossu and Carlo Marrale – 3:33
He made his debut in the comics world in the mid-1970s, first collaborating with Ugolino Cossu and Massimo Rotundo and then, from 1978, with some western stories for the magazine "Lanciostory". He was later to work with Roberto Baldazzini, Stefano Piselli and Riccardo Morrocchi creating "Baldazzini & Saudelli's Bizarreries: Book one and Book two".
Scott Cossu is a new-age pianist. He released a large number of albums on Windham Hill between 1980 and 1992, some to considerable sales success: 1987's "She Describes Infinity" reached #24 on the U.S. Billboard Top Contemporary Jazz Albums chart, and 1989's "Switchback" reached #12 on the Top New Age Albums chart.
In March 2014, Cinema Blend's William Usher wrote "A lot of gamers originally thought that the complexity of the PlayStation 3's Cell architecture would have prevented it from being emulated". In March 2014, Eurogamer's Elio Cossu wrote "The emulation, even at such an early stage, was a remarkable achievement, considering the complexity of the hardware of the PS3."
On February 1, 2010 he was loaned to Alghero where he met ex-teammates Alessio Cossu, Andrea Cocco, Andrea Peana and Simone Aresti. In June 2010 the club signed him to a co-ownership deal. After the club was expelled from the professional league, he joined Villacidrese in a co-ownership deal.
It was founded in February 1953 by disgruntled members of the Italian Socialist Workers' Party (PSLI), who did not agree with the proposed new electoral law supported by their party and who wanted a better unity with the Italian Socialist Party (PSI). Its members included Piero Calamandrei, Tristano Codignola, Piero Caleffi, Edmondo Cossu, Giuseppe Faravelli, Aldo Garosci, Antonio Greppi and Paolo Vittorelli.
Traditional singing accompanied by guitar "cantu a chiterra" is also found in Sardinia, represented by performers like Luiginu Cossu, Maria Carta, and nowadays Francesco Demuro; this genre is especially well known in the northwest region of Logudoro near the city of Sassari and in the northeast region of Gallura.