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Examples of "cotie"
Nan Cotie is a village in the Cavaellon commune of the Aquin Arrondissement, in the Sud Department of Haiti.
Its nearest neighboring towns/cities are Nan Cotie (12km north), Saint-Louis-du-Sud (20km southeast), and Les Cayes (16km west).
Balou, Bedo, Bonne Fin, Digo Salo, Fevre, Garnd Dieu, Grand Place, Grand-Blois, Gross Mary, L'ellet, La Marche, Nan Cotie, Rosseau and Volbrune.
"Secrets of Xen'drik" was written by Keith Baker, Jason M. Bulmahn, and Amber E. Scott, and published in July 2006. Cover art was by Wayne Reynolds, with interior art by Andy Brase, Mitch Cotie, Eric Deschamps, Steve Ellis, Wayne England, Jason Engle, John Hodgson, Ron Lemen, Lucio Parrillo, Mark Tedin, and Franz Vohwinkel.
He and Siege drummer Rob Williams later formed a new punk rock band, The Spoils, along with Cotie Cowgill of Williams's post-Siege band Nightstick and several other musicians. The group's sole release was the album "...To the Victor" on Deep Six Records in 2008. They disbanded shortly after the album was issued.
"Complete Adventurer" was written by Jesse Decker and published in January 2005. Cover art is by Matt Cavotta, with interior art by Steve Belledin, Mitch Cotie, Ed Cox, Steve Ellis, Wayne England, David Hudnut, Jeremy Jarvis, Doug Kovacs, Chuck Lukacs, Jeff Miracola, Monte Moore, William O'Connor, Michael Phillippi, Ron Spencer, and Franz Vohwinkel.
"Sandstorm" was written by Bruce R. Cordell, Jennifer Clarke Wilkes, and JD Wiker, and was published in March 2005. Cover art was by Ben Thompson, with interior art by Steven Belledin, Matt Cavotta, Mitch Cotie, Ed Cox, Wayne England, David Hudnut, Dana Knutson, Doug Kovacs, Todd Lockwood, Chuck Lukacs, Jim Nelson, William O'Connor, Michael Phillippi, Steve Prescott, Wayne Reynolds, Ron Spencer, and Stephen Tappin.
"Faiths of Eberron" was written by Jennifer Clarke Wilkes, Ari Marmell, and C.A. Suleiman, and published in September 2006. Cover art was by Wayne Reynolds, with interior art by Kalman Andrasofszky, Mitch Cotie, Howard Lyon, Warren Mahy, Michael Martin, Lucio Parrillo, and Mark Tedin.
"Frostburn" was written by Wolfgang Baur, James Jacobs, and George Strayton, and published in September 2004. Cover art was by Sam Wood, with interior art by Steve Belledin, Mitch Cotie, Ed Cox, Dennis Crabapple McClain, Steve Ellis, David Griffith, David Hudnut, Dana Knutson, Doug Kovacs, and Dan Scott.
"Dragonmarked" was written by Keith Baker, C.A. Suleiman, and Michelle Lyons, and published in November 2006. Cover art was by Wayne Reynolds, with interior art by Mitch Cotie, Rick Drennan, Gonzalo Flores, Tomás Giorello, John Hodgson, Fred Hooper, Ron Lemen, Howard Lyon, Warren Mahy, Lucio Parrillo, and Anne Stokes.
The "Spell Compendium" was compiled by Matthew Sernett, Jeff Grubb, and Mike McArtor, and was published in December 2005. Cover art was by Victor Moray and Nyssa Baugher, with interior art by Steven Belledin, Mitch Cotie, Chris Dien, Wayne England, Jason Engle, Carl Frank, Brian Hagan, Fred Hooper, Ralph Horsley, Jeremy Jarvis, David Martin, Jim Nelson, William O'Connor, Lucio Parrillo, Michael Phillippi, Eric Polak, Wayne Reynolds, Ron Spears, Joel Thomas, and Franz Vohwinkel.
"Primal Power" was written by Logan Bonner, Rob Heinsoo, Mike Mearls, and Robert J. Schwalb, and published in 2009. The book features art by Steve Argyle, Ralph Beisner, Eric Belisle, Kerem Beyit, Mitch Cotie, Brian "Chippy" Dugan, Jesper Ejsing, Jason Engle, Tomas Giorello, Howard Lyon, Warren Mahy, Raven Mimura, James Nelson, William O'Connor, Héctor Ortiz, Wayne Reynolds, Chris Seaman, Eva Widermann, Sam Wood, and Ben Wootten.
The book was written by Jesse Decker, David Noonan, Chris Thomasson, James Jacobs, and Robin D. Laws, and was published in June 2005. Cover art is by Matt Cavotta, with interior art by Kalman Andrasofszky, Mitch Cotie, Ed Cox, Steve Ellis, Wayne England, Emily Fiegenschuh, Randy Gallegos, Brian Hagan, Ginger Kubic, Raven Mimura, William O'Connor, Michael Phillippi, Vinod Rams, Wayne Reynolds, Dan Scott, Ron Spencer, Arnie Swekel, and Franz Vohwinkel.
"Lords of Madness" was written by Rich Baker, James Jacobs, and Steve Winter, and was published in May 2005. Wayne England and Ed Cox drew the cover art, and the interior art was by Steve Belledin, Mitch Cotie, Ed Cox, Dennis Crabapple McClain, Steve Ellis, Wayne England, Colin Fix, Dana Knutson, Doug Kovacs, Chuck Lukacs, Jim Nelson, Michael Phillippi, Wayne Reynolds, Richard Sardinha, Dan Scott, and Ron Spencer.
The book was compiled and edited by Chris Sims, and was released October 2007. Cover art was by Francis Tsai, with interior art by Steven Belledin, Peter Bergting, Matt Cavotta, Mitch Cotie, Eric Deschamps, Tony DiTerlizzi, Chad Dulac, Steve Ellis, Jason Engle, Carl Frank, Tomás Giorello, Rebecca Guay, Chris Hawkes, Ralph Horsley, David Hudnut, Jeremy Jarvis, Todd Lockwood, Howard Lyon, Warren Mahy, David Martin, Torstein Nordstrand, William O'Connor, Lucio Parrillo, Jim Pavelec, Michael Phillippi, Eric Polak, Steve Prescott, Wayne Reynolds, Darrell Riche, James Ryman, Noi Sackda, Ron Spencer, Anne Stokes, Mark Tedin, Joel Thomas, UDON, Franz Vohwinkel, Kevin Walker, David Walstrom, Sam Wood, Ben Wooten, Jim Zubkavich, and Mark Zug.
"An Adventurer's Guide to Eberron" was written by Logan Bonner and Chris Sims, and published in March 2008. The book was illustrated by Dave Allsop, Kalman Andrasofszky, John Avon, Steve Belledin, Mitch Cotie, Daarken, Eric Deschamps, Steve Ellis, Scott Fischer, Gonzalo Flores, Tomás Giorello, D. Alexander Gregory, John Hodgson, Andrew Jones, Dennis Kauth, Rob Lazzaretti, Ron Lemen, Howard Lyon, Warren Mahy, Lee Moyer, William O'Connor, Lucio Parrillo, Steve Prescott, Vinod Rams, Wayne Reynolds, Ryan Sook, Anne Stokes, Mark Tedin, Francis Tsai, Franz Vohwinkel, Anthony Waters, Charlie Wen, Eva Widermann, Ronald Wimberly, Sam Wood, and James Zhang.
The 4th edition "Player's Handbook 2", subtitled "Arcane, Divine and Primal Heroes", was released on March 17, 2009. The book was designed by Jeremy Crawford, Mike Mearls, and James Wyatt, and featured cover art by Daniel Scott and interior art by Steve Argyle, Eric Belisle, Michael Bierek, Devon Caddy-Lee, Mitch Cotie, Thomas Denmark, Eric Deschamps, Brian Despain, Vincent Dutrait, Steve Ellis, Wayne England, Howard Lyon, Mike May, Raven Mimura, William O'Connor, Hector Ortiz, Wayne Reynolds, Chris Seaman, John Stanko, Matias Tapia, Franz Vohwinkel, Eva Widermann, and James Zhang.