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Examples of "coxhead"
Michael Peter Coxhead is a British businessman, entrepreneur and musician. Coxhead is the founder of MPC Electronics Ltd. (now MPC Corporation).
Coxhead's success with these projects led to commissions for several more churches in Northern California. He moved to San Francisco and opened the Coxhead and Coxhead office in 1890, with Almeric as his business partner. Seventeen Coxhead church buildings were constructed, of which eleven are extant. In 1893 his Episcopal Church client, Bishop William Kip, died and Coxhead started to concentrate on residential work. His residences include townhouses in San Francisco and large homes in Palo Alto, Alameda, and Berkeley.
Coxhead retired as Principal in 1996 he was replaced by Paul Clements the former Director of Drama at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. Peter Coxhead became Chairman and Chief Executive of the school board until 2000 when Mountview Theatre School changed its name to the Mountview Acadmemy of Theatre Arts, In 2001 Coxhead was awarded an MBE for Services to the Arts, in 2004 after 59 years involvement with the school he founded Peter Coxhead died.
In 1994 Freddie Starr was again the subject of tabloid newspaper attention in Britain. Thousands of pounds worth of jewellery went missing from Starr's home where a man named Robin Coxhead worked as a gardener and Coxhead was suspected of stealing it. When questioned by the police, Coxhead claimed to have given oral sex to Starr over a period of five years, and that the jewellery had been given to him as a reward. The case went to court and Coxhead was discredited when he was unable to state whether Starr's penis was circumcised or not. Coxhead was found guilty and sentenced to 15 months in prison in 1995.
Ernest Albert Coxhead was born in Eastbourne, East Sussex, the fourth of six children of William Coxhead, a retired schoolmaster. At the age of 15 Ernest became articled to civil engineer George Wallis. After five years experience in both public projects and residential developments, in 1883 Coxhead left Eastbourne for London. In London he worked for architect Frederic Chancellor, who restored gothic churches.
Coxhead moved with his older brother, Almeric Coxhead (1862–1928), to Los Angeles, California in 1886, where he established an independent practice, and soon secured commissions to design several Episcopal Churches in Southern California.
In a 2014 review, art critic Gabriel Coxhead wrote that Bilbo's
Kaitake Community Board (four members): Graham Chard, Paul Coxhead, Doug Hislop, Mike Pillette.
"Split Hairs: The Art of Alfie West", self-published, Berlin, 2004, co-authored with David Coxhead, 9 col. illus.
The Protein Works was founded in 2012 by Mark Coxhead, Karl Jacobie and Nick Smith. funded by Yorkshire Bank.
The First El Toro was built in Berkeley, in a night school shop where Ernest (Bud) Coxhead taught boat building. Coxhead, Hal Decker and Bill Warren were instrumental in selecting the design for the Richmond Yacht Club, which wanted a small boat for use as a yacht tender and sailing dinghy.
The cenotaph was designed by Brierley and Rutherford of York based on the Whitehall cenotaph, and built in 1922 by masons Messrs Coxhead of Middlesbrough
Early in 1946, when he was still only 21, Coxhead borrowed £2,300 to buy the lease of Cecile House, a large derelict property at Crouch End, north London. There was a substantial amount of work to be carried out, including the conversion of a gymnasium into what is now the Mountview Theatre. Coxhead, Nossek, and a handful of friends, who devoted every moment of their spare time to building the theatre, dressing rooms and rehearsal space, did all this work themselves.
Coxhead returned to the United States and lived in Berkeley until his death in 1933. A collection of his work can be found in the Environmental Design Archives at the College of Environmental Design, University of California, Berkeley.
Maurice Edward Coxhead (May 24, 1889 – May 3, 1917) was an English first-class cricketer active – who played for Middlesex. He was born in Kensington; died near Monchy, France, on active service in the Royal Fusiliers during World War I.
In 2011, Air New Zealand created an air safety video based on a fitness show format starring Richard Simmons. The video features William Coxhead, a regular in Air New Zealand safety videos.
She was born Anne Checklin in Chesterfield. She grew up in the north Derbyshire area. She is the daughter of Bernard Checklin and Jean Coxhead of Mansfield. She has a younger sister (born 1959).
He died in Great Amwell. He had married Mary Smith, the daughter of George Coxhead and had three sons and three daughters. One son, Robert William Mylne, FRS (1817–1890) also became an architect and geologist.
Ernest Albert Coxhead (1863–1933) was an English-born architect, active in the US. He was trained in the offices of several English architects and attended the Royal Academy and the Architectural Association School of Architecture, both in London. He moved to California where he was the semi-official architect for the Episcopal Church. At the beginning of his career, Ernest Coxhead focused on designing churches, primarily in the Gothic Revival style. After the mid-1890s, Coxhead focused on residential designs. He was involved in the emergence of the Arts and Crafts style in California. He succeeded in designing residences that incorporated the elements and character of the English country house - shingled, Arts and Crafts style English Vernacular Cottages that combined elements from different periods for dramatic effect.
While the school was enjoying its prosperous days, the Pacific War broke out after the Pearl Harbour Incident in December 1941. King's College was used as a first aid station, having been fully equipped as such by the first principal, A. Morris St. John's Ambulance. When Hong Kong was occupied by the Japanese on Christmas Day, King's College was used as a military mule and horse stable for the Japanese Army. Teachers like Messrs, Coxhead and Ferguson were taken war prisoners, while the principal, Mr. Wallington, was sent to the prison in Stanley. Mr. Coxhead was later sent to a labour camp in Japan.