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woodcarving              handicraft              handicrafts              handcraft              handcrafts              leatherwork              silversmithing              metalwork              blacksmithing              artisanship              woodcarvers              metalware              goldsmithing              khokhloma              silverwork              craftspeople              lacquerware              needlework              carvers              crafters              chinaware              stonemasonry              handcrafted              dinnerware              brassware              cabinetmaking              beadwork              glasswork              craftmanship              craftsmanship              basketry              woodcarvings              dollmaking              leatherworking              smithing              shoemaking              metalsmithing              curios              tablewares              decoupage              crafts              meenakari              paperweights              metalsmiths              pottery              antiques              marquetry              carpentry              woodworks              dressmaking             

Examples of "craftwork"
2. Traditional skills (craftwork, daily objects, festivals or ceremonies)
The economy is mostly based on agriculture, with some craftwork and industrial production.
There are regular temporary exhibitions of craftwork, paintings, photography, and prints.
The rag dolls of Damal are renowned and have won prizes in craftwork festivals.
Lalitpur has maintained a culture of craftwork even in the face of rapid urbanization and many social and political upheavals.
In addition, it is a popular place to purchase craftwork made from lapis lazuli, a semiprecious stone found principally in Chile and Afghanistan.
In April 2015, the shire council repurposed the building as the Artspace where the Burdekin Artisans can display and sell local art and craftwork.
The presence of representatives of the indigenous Izoceño, Chiquitano and Ayorea populations increases the importance of the area; among other cultural expressions, they produced very stylised craftwork.
The album cover artwork was done by Gnome and Gemini/Gem7 (Prez and Vice, respectively of the CWK - Craftwork Kings graffiti crew)
He was born in the village of Nastasiv in Ternopil, western Ukraine. He attended art school in Lviv, focusing on ceramics. He graduated in 1967. and began working at different galleries and craftwork sites while also doing various restoration work.
Ebino produces a wide range of food products, from shōchū to sweets, tea, honey, mushrooms, chicken and pork. Locally produced crafts include "Ebino-yaki" pottery and bamboo craftwork, among others.
The facility also holds the Cannon Cultural Museum (est. 2008), which includes a permanent collection of preserved craftwork and paintings, as well as mixed media exhibits. Curated exhibits are held for ten months and rotate annually.
The main focus of the DKG’s work shifted to research and training, as well as to the support of ceramic craftwork and the international linkage of the German ceramics industry.
Liulichang () is a district in downtown Beijing that is known for a series of traditional Chinese stone dwellings housing selling various craftwork, artistry, and antiques. It is one of Beijing's traditional old quarters.
The main editorial and features are about artists, designers and makers of contemporary craftwork; with information provided through interviews with makers, and business tips and advice coming from folk who work within the British craft industry.
Nanango's principal industries are power generation and coal mining, agriculture, beef and pork production, dairying and milk processing, timber growing and milling, small crops, natural medicine, art and craftwork and tourism.
Goplilal B Lohar is an Indian artisan. He is a recipient of the Shilp Guru award in 2004 for metal craftwork. He is from Udaipur in Rajasthan state in India. He also got National award in 1983.
Some jewelry making and other craftwork continues today although the fame of the Diyarbakır's craftsmen has long passed. Folk dancing to the drum and zurna (pipe) are a part of weddings and celebrations in the area.
Nyamiha (or Nemiga) Street is part of a shopping district famous for its amber craftwork. The Nyamiha metro station on the street was the site a of tragedy on May 30, 1999.
The library of the Augustinermuseum is a public reference library, situated in the administration building in the Gerberau 16. It emphasizes on contemporary art, art history, folklore and craftwork. The holdings are mostly available via the Südwestdeutscher Bibliotheksverbund.