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Examples of "craib"
Stephanie. Our Yesterdays-A History of Rensselaer County. Craib and Roderick Hull Craib. 1948.
William Grant Craib (born 10 March 1882 in Banff, Aberdeenshire – died 1 September 1933 in Kew) was a British Botanist. Craib worked at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.
Craib is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:
Willers's term coincided with the succession of a third Craib to the chairmanship of the newly created holding company, The Natal Witness Printing and Publishing Company, in the form of Stuart Craib, Desmond's son.
Ian Ernest Craib (December 12, 1945 – December 22, 2002) was an English sociologist and psychotherapist.
Calpin's term as editor coincided with a period of extreme financial difficulty for the company that owned "The Witness", and after various offers had been considered by the board the majority shareholding was bought by the company's accountant, James Craib, in late 1941. This marked the beginning of the Craib family control which continues to the present day, as Craib's grandson, Stuart Craib, is currently chairman of the Natal Witness Printing and Publishing Company.
In 1923 Schonland married Isabel Craib and had one son and two daughters.
Aberdeen based haulage company "ARR Craib" will sponsor the series for the fourth year in a row.
Aberdeen based haulage company "ARR Craib" will sponsor the series for the fifth year in a row.
By 1961, James Craib was elderly and infirm and the management of the company was increasingly being taken over by his son Desmond. An important consequence of this was that with the appointment of Stan Eldridge as editor, the younger Craib was able to bring some stability to the editorial department.
The band's keyboard player, bassist, guitarist and drummer, Jerry Craib, announced his resignation from the band in late March 2013. The public became aware of the decision due to an announcement on the Bluejuice Facebook fan page, in which the remaining band members delivered an assessment with the words "FUCKING FUCK". The phrase "formidable musical talents" was also used to describe Craib in the Facebook post and information on Craib's future was not provided; however, the band stated that it wished for Craib to return to Bluejuice at another time.
Mark Craib (born 8 February 1970) is a Scottish footballer, who played in the Scottish Football League for Dundee and Montrose.
In 1931 he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh his proposers including Sir William Wright Smith, William Grant Craib and Albert William Borthwick.
For season 2013, the championship will be sponsored by ARR Craib Transport Ltd, an Aberdeen based road haulage and logistics company. This is a one-year deal announced in December 2012.
The Crabstane (alt. "Crabs Stone", "Craibstone", "Craib Stone", "Craibstane" or "Crabe Stone") is a boundary stone that used to mark out part of Craibstone Croft which was located near Hardgate, Aberdeen.
"Xylia xylocarpa" (Roxb.) Taub. var. "kerrii" (Craib & Hutch.) is known as "daeng" (แดง) in the Thai language. This species, naturally adapted to conditions in Thailand, is used in reafforestation at certain denuded or environmentally degraded areas of the country.
Colona auriculata is a shrub species first described by Desfontaines, with its current name after Craib; the genus Colona is in the family Malvaceae and now placed in the subfamily Grewioideae. No subspecies are listed in the Catalogue of Life.
Formed in 2004, the band consists of Steven Chapman on lead vocals, Martyn Hilliam on guitar, Simon Dunkling on Bass, Matt Locke on keyboards and Ross Craib on Drums.
Petrocosmea kerrii is a species of flowering plant in the family Gesneriaceae, sometimes cultivated as a houseplant. In the past, it has been erroneously placed in the genus "Damrongia". It was first described by William Grant Craib in 1918.
In 1994, psychotherapist Ian Craib published the book "The Importance of Disappointment", in which he drew on the works of Melanie Klein and Sigmund Freud in advancing the theory that disappointment-avoidant cultures—particularly therapy culture—provides false expectations of perfection in life and prevents people from achieving a healthy self-identity. Craib offered as two examples litigious victims of medical mistakes, who once would have accepted accidents as a course of life, and people suffering grief following the death of a loved one who, he said, are provided a false stage model of recovery that is more designed to comfort bereavement therapists than the bereaved.