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The early 20th century saw the discovery of the relationships of sporadic cretinism with congenital hypothyroidism, and of endemic cretinism with hypothyroidism due to iodine deficiency. Both have been largely eliminated in the developed world.
Wide distance between the great toe and the adjoining toe; associated with cretinism and trisomy 21.
Sporadic and genetic cretinism results from abnormal development or growth of the foetal thyroid gland. This type of cretinism has been almost completely eliminated in developed countries by early diagnosis by newborn screening schemes followed by lifelong treatment with thyroxine (T4).
Similarly to some other medical terms (cretinism, idiotism), "infantilism"/"infantile" may be used pejoratively (synonymous to "immature").
Graves' disease is the most common cause of hyperthyroidism; hyposecretion causes cretinism in infants and myxoedema in adults.
Brown (2012) compared skeletal and dental morphology in "H. floresiensis" with the clinical and osteological indicators of cretinism, and the traits that have been argued to be associated with ME cretinism in LB1 and LB6. He concludes that LB1 and LB6 "H. floresiensis" are not modern human ("H. sapiens") cretins.
Cretinism is a condition of severely stunted physical and mental growth owing to untreated congenital deficiency of thyroid hormone (congenital hypothyroidism) usually owing to maternal hypothyroidism.
Aberrations in prenatal development can result in various forms of thyroid dysgenesis which can cause congenital hypothyroidism, and if untreated this can lead to cretinism.
"McCarrison's work on goitre, cretinism, and the thyroid, begun in the western Himalayas in 1902, generated scores of scientific publications during the following thirty-five years", While McCarrison's work is often considered the start of serious studies of goitre and cretinism in South Asia, it was preceded by that of Commissioner David Scott at Rangur in north-east India around 1825, and was investigated by Mountford Bramley at Kathmandu in 1832.
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The Kocher–Debré–Semelaigne syndrome is hypothyroidism in infancy or childhood characterised by lower extremity or generalized muscular hypertrophy, myxoedema, short stature and cretinism. The absence of painful spasms and pseudomyotonia differentiates this syndrome from Hoffmann syndrome.
Guggenbühl showed interest in cretinism and was convinced that this disease could be cured. He created, in 1841, a residential home for mentally-handicaped children in Interlaken that lasted until 1860.
Further supporting this conclusion is the fact that hypothyroidism during fetal development can result in a variety of neurological deficiencies, including cretinism, characterized by stunted physical development and mental retardation.
"Goldstein's Toe Sign" is a feature identified by Dr. Hyman Isaac Goldstein (1887–1954), an American physician and medical historian. A greater distance separates the largest two toes of some people exhibiting Down syndrome or cretinism."
In the 1960s, a Burmese research expedition found over 50 pure-blood pygmies, and although cases of cretinism, mental retardation, goiter, and other physical and mental ailments were noted, they felt as though the community would sustain itself.
In fact, in some high mountain lakes also live dwarf forms of salmonids, caused by deficiency of food and of iodine, in particular, which causes cretinism and dwarfism due to hypothyroidism, as it does in humans.
Basil Stuart Hetzel (13 June 1922 – 4 February 2017) was an Australian medical researcher who made a major contribution to combating iodine deficiency, a major cause of goitre and cretinism worldwide.
A Gibbus deformity may result from the sail vertebrae associated with cretinism, the childhood form of hypothyroidism. It is also seen with tuberculosis and certain congenital syndromes, including achondroplasia.
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Infants with thyroid hormone deficiency (congenital hypothyroidism) can manifest problems of physical growth and development as well as brain development, termed cretinism. Children with congenital hypothyroidism are treated supplementally with levothyroxine, which facilitates normal growth and development.