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veux              pleure              reste              mieux              joue              jamais              veut              quoi              laisse              voudrais              ainsi              avait              regarde              connais              peuvent              souviens              avaient              peux              voulais              personne              besoin              enfin              reviens              entends              vouloir              aimais              vient              aucun              pleurer              oublie              doucement              celui              disait              quand              soient              tomber              donc              aimerai              seront              embrasse              rendre              croire              vais              finir              viens              vaut              pense              envie              soit              larmes             

Examples of "crois"
"Crois-moi ça durera" is a 1962 hit song by Gilbert Bécaud, with lyrics by Pierre Delanoë. The lyrics begin "Crois-moi crois-moi ça durera, On s'aimera on s'aimera très fort."
The name is possibly derived from Gaelic "Crois MoLiubha", Saint (Ma)lieu's Cross.
"Je crois toi" was written and produced by Jean-Jacques Goldman.
J'en pleure et ris ensemble ; et tour à tour je crois
Fontaine du Lycée Bonaparte, 1806-1807. Rue Neuve-Sainte-Crois, now rue Caurmartin.
George Bizet, Romance de Nadir 'Je crois entendre encore' (from Les pêcheurs de perles)
Dirk Crois (born 18 April 1961 in Bruges) is a Belgian rower.
"I Believe in You (Je crois en toi)" (Ft. Il Divo) (On ne change pas, 2005)
The song features a horn section sample that derives from the song "Parce Que Tu Crois" by Charles Aznavour.
"Je crois toi" was a B-side to the "I'm Your Angel" single in the United Kingdom.
Georges Bizet's "Je crois entendre encore" from "The Pearl Fishers" (1863) is labelled a romance in the score.
The literal meaning of Crois-iarna in English is yarn-cross, which perfectly describes the tool used for winding a measured length of spun and plyed yarn. The yarn is wound around the crois-iarna (or niddy-noddy) off a spinning wheel's bobbin, to make a measured hank or skein of yarn used for knitting or weaving.
Luxembourg was present at the Eurovision Song Contest 1956 where Michèle Arnaud sang two songs, "Ne Crois Pas" (Don't Believe) and "Les Amants De Minuit" (Midnight Lovers).
Elie's childhood friend and the successor of IBC (International Bank of Crossbell) after her father, Dieter Crois. She enjoys teasing Elie, much to the embarrassment of the latter.
There is a stone cross monument located about north of Pennyghael House. Known as the Crois an Ollaimh, it is rough-cut and of Latin type.
The "Ugadale brooch" was allegedly given to the Mackays by Robert the Bruce near Crois Mhic Aoidh (Mackay's Cross), Arnicle after transporting Robert to Arran.
Crossmichael (Scottish Gaelic: "Crois Mhìcheil") is a small village on the east side of Loch Ken about north of Castle Douglas in Scotland.
Could This Be Love? (French title: Je crois que je l'aime) is a 2007 French comedy film directed by Pierre Jolivet.
"En attendant ses pas" was written and produced by Jean-Jacques Goldman. At the same time there was another promotional single issued in France—"Je crois toi".
A music video to accompany the release of "Je Crois" was first released onto YouTube on July 27, 2012 at a total length of two minutes and fifty-seven seconds.