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Examples of "crosstones"
There are five a cappella groups on campus. The Manic Optimists and the Deansmen are all-male, the Merminaders are all female and the coed groups are known as TakeNote and the Crosstones. All groups have performed all over Maine and the Northeast.
In 1974, Norman founded Solid Rock Records to produce records for Christian artists "who didn't want to be consumed by the business of making vinyl pancakes but who wanted to make something 'non-commercial' to the world". Norman produced music on the label for artists including Randy Stonehill, Mark Heard, Tom Howard, and David Edwards. Norman also produced artists who were signed to other labels, including Malcolm and Alwyn, Bobby Emmons and the Crosstones, Lyrix, and James Sundquist. Norman signed a deal with ABC Records to distribute Solid Rock's releases, but was later moved to ABC subsidiary Word Records. In the same year, Norman founded the Christian artist booking agency Street Level Artists Agency.
In addition to his own recordings, Larry Norman produced music for several artists on his Solid Rock label: Randy Stonehill, Mark Heard, Tom Howard, Pantano/Salsbury, and Salvation Air Force. Norman also produced artists who were signed to other labels, such as Malcolm and Alwyn, Bobby Emmons and the Crosstones, and Lyrix. While Norman received production credits for two songs on Sheila Walsh's first album "Future Eyes", he remixed the songs that were already recorded. In 1977 Norman signed James Sundquist to Solid Rock, which produced some of the songs on Sundquist's "Freedom Flight", an album that blended ragtime and ballads, that was later released by Pat Boone's Lamb & Lion label. About 1978 Norman produced an album, "Moving Pictures", for British poet and musician Steve Scott that was never released.