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Juan Guzmán Cruchaga (March 27, 1895 – July 21, 1979) was a Chilean poet and diplomat. He won the Chilean National Prize for Literature in 1962. Guzman Cruchaga was of Basque descent.
She attended the Primary schools Sara Cruchaga and Las Carmelitas.
He was the son of Juan José Guzmán Guzmán and Amelia Cruchaga Aspillaga.
Cruchaga was ordained a priest on September 23, 1944. He was appointed bishop of the Diocese of Talca on January 4, 1967 and ordained a bishop May 7, 1967. Cruchaga remained bishop of the Diocese of Talca until his retirement on December 12, 1996.
Angel Cruchaga Santa María (March 23, 1893 – September 5, 1964) was a Chilean writer. He won the Chilean National Prize for Literature in 1948.
Carlos González Cruchaga (born June 8, 1921 in Santiago, Chile – died September 21, 2008) was a Chilean Bishop of the Roman Catholic Church.
César Cruchaga Lasa (born 26 January 1974 in Ezcároz – Ezkaroze, Navarre) is a Spanish retired footballer who played as a central defender.
Saint Alberto Hurtado Cruchaga, S.J. (born Luis Alberto Hurtado Cruchaga on January 22, 1901 in Viña del Mar, Chile – August 18, 1952 in Santiago, Chile), popularly known in Chile as Padre Hurtado (), was a Chilean Jesuit priest, lawyer, social worker and writer of Basque origin, founder of the "Hogar de Cristo" foundation. He was canonized on October 23, 2005, by Pope Benedict XVI, becoming his country's second saint.
In 1928 he co-founded the magazine "Letras" along with Ángel Cruchaga Santa María, Manuel Eduardo Hübner, Luis Enrique Délano and Hernán del Solar. According to some researches, this publication would gather the best writers of its time together.
Ángel Cruchaga, another poet of this generation, took "love" as his main topic and was known for the sadness of his poems. In 1915, he published "Las manos juntas" (Holding hands), his most characteristic work.
The Roman Catholic Diocese of Talca, (in Latin: "Dioecesis Talcensis"), is a suffragan diocese of the archdiocese of Santiago de Chile. Its current bishop is Mgr. Horacio del Carmen Valenzuela Abarca. The retired (emeritus) bishop is Mgr. Carlos González Cruchaga.
Juan Guzmán Cruchaga died in Viña del Mar on 21 July 1979. He was married to Raquel Tapia Caballero. He is the father of former judge Juan Guzmán Tapia.
In 2008–09, Cruchaga appeared in only ten league contests, and announced his retirement from football prior to the end of the campaign, still being started in the 31 May 2009 decider against Real Madrid, where the 2–1 home success guaranteed top flight permanence for a further year.
During the 1990s there was a short TV series dedicated to him, named "Crónica de un Hombre Santo" (English: "Chronicles of a Holy Man"). Four actors portrayed Alberto Hurtado Cruchaga, from his childhood to his last years; popular telenovela actor Cristián Campos played the adult Father Hurtado during his ministry.
Nicolas Roland was blessed in Rome by Pope John Paul II on October 16, 1994, along with Josefina Vannini, Alberto Hurtado Cruchaga, Petra de San Jose Perez Florido and Maria Rafols as a preliminary step towards canonization. His remains now rest in a crypt at the Reims Cathedral.
Cuéllar spent his first two seasons as a backup to César Cruchaga and Josetxo, but still renewed his contract with the club on 1 December 2005. He became an important part of the Javier Aguirre side that reached the Copa del Rey final in 2005 and finished fourth in the league in the following season, thus qualifying for the UEFA Champions League.
Guzmán was born into a Chilean diplomatic family in San Salvador, El Salvador. His father was Juan Guzmán Cruchaga. He is of Basque descent. He studied Law at the University of Chile and did postgraduate studies in Paris. He began his judicial career in 1970 and was a member of the Santiago Appeals Court.
Cruchaga was part of the team's run in the 2006–07 UEFA Cup, in which it finally bowed out to eventual winners Sevilla FC in the semi-finals, participating in 12 games and completing 11. For the vast majority of his stay, he was the undisputed captain.
In 1867, Bulnes joined the Chilean Army as commander of a civic regiment organized and financed by himself. At the head of his regiment, he waged a continuous warfare against the Arucanian Indians in southern Chile, and in 1874 he joined the regular army ranks as a Sergeant major. He married Elena Calvo Cruchaga in 1877.
Also in this period, between 1914 and 1925, Juan Guzmán Cruchaga published "Junto al brasero" (Beside the brazier), "La mirada inmóvil" (The motionless gaze), "Lejana" (Far), "La fiesta del corazón" (Party of the heart), and the anthology "Agua de cielo" (Water of heaven).