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Examples of "csafe"
In October, 2000, a CSAFE group was formed within FISA (Fitness Industry Suppliers Association) to help coordinate the continued evolution of CSAFE. This group is led by a steering committee with membership from a broad representation of the industry. The CSAFE protocol is licensed on a royalty free basis to any company, person, or organization wishing to use it.
The CSAFE specification describes the physical wiring scheme as well as the format of the data frames. The CSAFE protocol is designed to work in a master/slave fashion. A special I/O jack on the exercise equipment accepts a normal 8P8C (RJ-45) plug (although the wiring scheme has no relation to ethernet) wired to a normal RS-232 cable. The CSAFE port also has pins which should be wired to an input audio jack.
CSAFE (Communications Specification for Fitness Equipment) is a fitness industry-wide communications specification developed in 1997 for exercise equipment. As this specification was originally developed by the company FitLinxx, sometimes it is also referred to as "FitLinxx".