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szilvia              adrienn              bernadett              orsolya              mojca              dorottya              bianka              ibolya              jitka              ildiko              zsuzsa              zsuzsanna              marosi              katalin              eszter              marzena              kveta              pavuk              anett              zsofia              stanislava              bogna              nikolett              malgorzata              silvija              krisztina              nowakowska              ivett              medgyesi              borislava              dimova              luminita              inese              natalija              stasa              sarolta              iweta              elzbieta              radka              klinar              eisenbauer              lucyna              virginija              brigita              storcz              ionela              stoyanova              zagorcheva              szandra              botond             

Examples of "csilla"
In the Expanded Universe, Csilla is identified as the homeworld of the Chiss. Csilla is a cold world of glaciers and snowy wastes located deep within Chiss Space, and serves as the capital of the Chiss Empire.
Csilla Tatár (born 27 May 1983) is a Hungarian reporter and presenter.
Rev Csilla Toth, Moderator, Stephen Lance, Clerk of Session, Jolan Szmetena, Treasurer.
She was born Csilla Madarász, but changed her last name twice due to marriages.
Eszter's younger brother David and her elder sister Csilla also take part in ITU competitions.
2011 - "Megöltem az anyámat (I Killed My Mother)" - Hungarian Theatre of Cluj, created by Csilla Albert and Áron Dimény.
Notable members are active in the Order of Malta, amongst them Grand Chancellor, Albrecht Freiherr von Boeselager and Csilla von Boeselager.
Csilla Németh (born 21 January 1989 in Budapest) is a Hungarian handballer who plays for Siófok KC in right back position.
Csilla () is a Hungarian feminine given name that comes from the Hungarian word "csillag", literally meaning "star". The name may refer to people:
Csilla Bátorfi (born March 3, 1969 in Szombathely) is a Hungarian table tennis player. She competed at five consecutive Olympic Games from 1988 (when the sport first appeared at the Games) to 2004. She won several titles in European Championships.
Csilla Füri (born April 24, 1972 in Budapest) is a retired modern pentathlete from Hungary. She competed at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece, where she finished eleventh in the women's event with a score of 5,144 points.
In 1995, previous members of famous children's choir, (Bodor/ Huszár/ Melinda, Barkóci/ Juhász/ Szilvia, Pósa/ Faragó/ Gabriella, Sándor/ Pósa/ Csilla, Poljaković/ Zabos/ Marianna) started a ladies choir "Primavera" under conductor Éva Gubena.
In August 1989 Csilla von Boeselager spontaneously proposed that the German Government care for thousands of refugees from the German Democratic Republic (GDR) in Budapest. The refugee-camps were in Zugliget and Csillebérc.
The two semi-finals and the final were broadcast in Hungary on Duna with commentary by Gábor Gundel Takács. The Hungarian spokesperson, who announced the top 12-point score awarded by the Hungarian jury during the final, was Csilla Tatár.
Along with Krisztina Rátonyi, he was co-host of the 2016 Petőfi Music Awards gala at the VOLT Festival, along with Miss World Hungary and, with Csilla Tatár, hosts of the Duna channel.
After his retirement, Földi remained loyal to Tatabánya, his only club during his active career, and took a coaching position. His daughter Csilla Földi became a European champion in weightlifting.
In 1987 with Baroness Csilla von Boeselager they decided to found a charity service, embodying the values of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, to help the poor. Due to the fact that organisations of that kind were not allowed in Hungary in the 80’s, Csilla von Boeselager established the charity service in Germany as Ungarischer Malteser Caritas-Dienst. In 1989, given the fact that legal obstacles have ceased to exist, the Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta was founded and Father Kozma has become the member of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta.
Jánovszki has 3 children: Reka, Csilla and Laszlo. He has been with his wife since 21 August 1976. Since finishing handball, Laszlo has moved to Leeds, in the United Kingdom, and has done great work with his wife working with children with cerebral palsy.
Wasserman became Belgium's youngest Fed Cup player when she lost 6-3 7-6 (9-7) to Csilla Bartos of Hungary in October 1985 in Japan. She also lost the longest tie-break played by the Belgian Fed Cup team, losing 13-11 to Jennifer Capriati of the United States in 1990 in Atlanta, Georgia after losing the first set 6-0.
In 2011, former England women's national rugby union team captain, Catherine Spencer joined Aylesford. Since being promoted to the Women's Championship, Aylesford have had international players joining them. Hungary women's national rugby union team player, Csilla Feher made her debut for Aylesford against Worcester Warriors Ladies Former New Zealand women's national rugby league team player Maia Tua-Davidson also played for Aylesford.