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Examples of "cuentas"
Sadiel Cuentas is a Peruvian composer of contemporary classical music.
Mr Scarano is the leader of the Cuentas Claras party.
The Secretariat is held permanently by the SAI of Spain (Tribunal de Cuentas), which is also the EUROSAI headquarters.
17. Medley: Después de ti / A que no le cuentas / Tú sin mí / Quiero que me hagas el amor
On March 17, 1787 the Spanish King ordered the creation of the Intendency of Sinaloa, separating it from Arizpe, appointing Colonel Agustín de las Cuentas Zayas as Intendent Governor, but a royal order of July 30, 1789 reversed that creation before it would take effect, de las Cuentas Zayas became Intendent Governor of Chiapas.
In 1605, he created the Tribunal de Cuentas de Santafé, and, in 1620, a royal decree ordered the establishment of a Mint for the New Kingdom of Granada.
Tortella, G. (1974b). Una serie de cuentas de ahorro no bancarias 1874–1914. La banca española en la Restauración (vol 2). G. Tortella. Madrid, Banco de España: 541-46.
Diego de la Vega (1770s-1812) was an Spanish nobleman, Contador Mayor in the Tribunal de Cuentas de Buenos Aires during the Viceroyalty of the Río de la Plata. He also served as Minister of Real Hacienda de Buenos Aires.
Domingo Belgrano Pérez (1730-1795) was an Italian merchant. He served as Regidor and Contador del "Tribunal de Cuentas de Buenos Aires", during the "Viceroyalty of Rio de la Plata".
The current Chairperson (Presidente del Tribunal de Cuentas) is MANUEL NÚÑEZ PÉREZ (Real Decreto 1539/2007, de 23 de noviembre, BOE 26.11.07 (Royal Decree 1539 / 2007 of 23 November, Spanish Government Gazette of 26.11.07)).
In 1984 he premiered his second play, "Ño", performed in several cities in Spain, Argentina and Uruguay. "Sin palabras" premiered in 1987 and "En resumidas cuentas" in 1988, an anthology of the best numbers of his first three shows.
By January 2017, the Spanish Court of Auditors (Tribunal de Cuentas) detected irregularities on the processes carried out by the FROB, especially when privatizing the entities after the bailout. The Tribunal de Cuentas claimed that, at the very least, the FROB did not adopt any criteria that ensured an efficient management of the public financing, as it is set out in Article 3 of the Law 9/2012, that establishes that public financing must always be minimized, and urgently requested a deeper investigation on the matter.
In Spain, the Tribunal de Cuentas (Court of Auditors) is the supreme governmental accounting agency, responsible of the comptrolling of the public accounts of Spain and the auditing of the accountancy of the political parties, in accordance with the Constitution and its Organic Law.
Day two focused on democracy in the digital age, with debates on transparency in public institutions (Cuentas Claras, Discursia, Sueldos Públicos, Graba to Pleno, Qué hacen los diputados, Open Knowledge Foundation, Access Info, Tu Derecho a Saber and Civio), journalism and freedom of information, and networked democracy.
He is said to have written his earliest play in 1696 at the age of 13: "Las cuentas del Gran Capitán", a reworking of a play by Lope de Vega. When finally produced in his adult years, Cañizares' version enjoyed such success that it eventually replaced Lope's play in the 18th century theatrical repertoire.
Aside from painting and pottery, she dedicated time to murals, located mainly at different schools in Cuba. Her most important works of this type are a ceramic mural at the Tribunal de Cuentas in Havana (1953) and the facade of the Habana Hilton hotel (1957).
Elected barangay officials are as follows: Fe B. Peña- Punong Barangay and the barangay councilors are: Eden B. Cayao, Nancy B. Cuya, Marilou Cuentas, Katlen P. Yu, Fatima Belano, Ramir Federico, and Teonel Celestial. The appointed barangay secretary, treasurer and Bookkeeper are: Janet A. Cepe, Glyn B. Cayao and Marlon C. Biando, respectively.
As a cinema producer, he is the owner of Enrique Cerezo – Cinematographic Productions and has produced many films. His most famous films produced include "El perro del hortelano", "La buena estrella", "Pídele cuentas al rey", "Yoyes", "Juana la Loca", "La hora de los valientes" and "La vida de nadie".
The sexologist has also hosted several other programs, such as the radio shows, "Me lo dices o me lo cuentas" (2002–2004) and "Dos rombos" (2004-2005), as well as presentations on the television channels, Telemadrid, ETB 2 and Canal Cosmopolitan.
Sadiel Cuentas (b. 1973) is a chamber and orchestral classical music composer. He studied composition in Peru’s National Conservatory with Enrique Iturriaga y Dante Valdéz. In 2006, his "Cadenza, introducción y allegro" was awarded an honorary mention in Peru National Conservatory’s 2006 composition contest. "Via de la Croce" was awarded an honorary mention in the Asociación Peruano China Choral Composition contest in 2007.