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Several fungal taxa have been named in honor of David Hunt Linder, including "Linderiella" G. Cunn., "Linderomyces" Singer, "Aplosporella linderae" (Peck) Petr., "Circinella linderi" Hesselt. & Fennell.
Blechnum filiforme or thread fern ("pānoko" in Māori) is an endemic New Zealand fern species in the hard fern family, Blechnaceae. The species authority is (A. Cunn.) Ettingsh.
The family seat is Slane Castle in County Meath. A former family seat was The Hall in the village of Mountcharles, near Donegal Town in the south of County Donegal. The family surname is pronounced ""Cunn"ingum".
In Japan, "G. quadrifidum" has occasionally been called ""Geastrum minus"" (Pers.) G. Cunn. (for example, as in Imai, 1936); within taxonomical terminology, this usage is an "auctorum non"—a misapplication or misinterpretation of the species name.
In his life, he was a boxer, motorcyclist, gold prospector, farmer, horticulturist, lumberjack, and Gallipoli veteran. Following this colourful early life, ‘G.H. Cunn.’ joined the Biological Laboratory staff at the Department of Agriculture in 1919 as a mycologist, and began a systematic survey of plant diseases in New Zealand. He also began his work classifying fungi. In 1925, he published the first New Zealand work on plant diseases, "Fungous Diseases of Fruit Trees in New Zealand". When the Biological Laboratory was moved from Wellington to Palmerston North in 1928 to become the Plant Research Station, Cunningham became the head of a mycology laboratory. The Plant Research Station disbanded in 1936, and Cunningham become the director of the DSIR Plant Diseases Division.
‘"Ozothamnus"’ is derived from Greek words ‘"Ozo"’ meaning 'smells' and ‘"Thamnos"’ meaning 'shrub'. ‘"ledifolius"’ means 'leaves like "Ledum"', being derived from the genus name "Ledum", an aromatic evergreen shrub and ‘"Folium"’ meaning 'having leaves'. The famous Scottish botanist Robert Brown (1773-1858) [author abbreviation is R.Br.] classified the "Ozothamnus" genus in taxonomical classification. "Ozothamnus ledifolius" species was first described by Augustin Pyramus de Candolle (1778 - 1841) [author abbreviation is DC.]. Joseph Dalton Hooker (1817-1911) [author abbreviation is Hook. f.] reclassified "Ozothamnus ledifolius" in modern botanical classification system. The other synonym of "Ozothamnus ledifolius" is "Cassinia ledifolia", which was coined by Allan Cunningham (1791-1839) [author abbreviation is A. Cunn.] and "Helichrysum ledifolium", which was coined by George Bentham (1800 - 1884) [author abbreviation is Benth.].