Synonyms for curvedly or Related words with curvedly

curvilinearly              curvingly              slantly              slantwise              inclinedly              straightly              aslant              slantingly              frontwardly              slantways              convexly              elongatedly              meanderingly              slopingly              extendedly              lengthily              convexedly              convexed              slantedly              concavely              parabolically              taperingly              arcuately              bents              backwardly              protrudingly              leftwardly              wavily              protrusively              extendingly              zigzags              bended              rightwardly              sidewise              slenderly              concavedly              projectingly              protrudently              divergingly              sigmoidally              protrudedly              divergently              rectilinearly              convergingly              bendingly              andprojections              frontwards              obtusely              tortuously              projectedly             

Examples of "curvedly"
A curvedly shaped mountainous area, known in Romanian as Carpații de Curbură, lies in the western part of the county, at the Southern end of Eastern Carpathians, with heights over 1400 m. To the East, the heights decrease into hilly areas and the lower valley of Siret River.