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agassizii              cognatus              stenolepis              complanata              thanatophilus              nemipteridae              anatina              vesiculosa              erichsoni              rostratus              alboguttata              clandestinus              anodonta              denticulatus              cambarellus              marianae              impressus              magdalenae              callionymidae              psammophila              centropogon              lamarcki              euprepes              bilobata              loveni              oblita              brevispina              doriai              incrassatus              cidaris              areolata              inconstans              virginea              terebratulina              anthoceros              serripes              cancellatus              acroloxus              conicum              longidens              gilchristi              mocquard              denticollis              lamarckii              longisetus              syringodium              flavidus              pachypus              kuehnei              schomburgkii             

Examples of "cygnea"
Dolichognatha cygnea is a species of spider in the family Tetragnathidae, found in Venezuela.
The swan mussel, "Anodonta cygnea", is a large species of freshwater mussel, an aquatic bivalve mollusc in the family Unionidae, the river mussels.
Clavus cygnea is a species of sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Drilliidae. This species is mentioned in the Indo-Pacific Molluscan Database as "Clavus cygneus"
While the survival of this species is thought to be threatened by pollution and the dredging of the slow-moving channels of water in which it lives, the species is also said to be "easily overlooked" (it can be confused with "Anodonta anatina" or juvenile "Anodonta cygnea") and thus it may be actually be more prevalent than current records show.
Released on June 17, 2015, "Upheaval" features two new zones, Cygnea and Enshar, new skills for each class in the game, and a lot of the user interfaces within the game were revamped, such as the skills UI. The Stigma system also got revamped in the update along with other changes to the game, including the deletion of a few maps that are no longer available.
Charles Somerset, 1st Earl of Worcester was granted lands at Kew in 1517. When he died in 1526 he left his Kew estates to his third wife, Eleanor, with the remainder to his son George. In 1538 Sir George Somerset sold the house for £200 to Thomas Cromwell, who resold it for the same amount to Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk. Brandon had probably already inhabited Kew during the life of his wife Mary Tudor, the daughter of Henry VII and widow of the French king Louis XII. According to John Leland's "Cygnea Cantio" ("Swan Song"), she stayed in Kew (which he refers to as "Cheva") for a time after her return to England.