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Examples of "dabs"
Am Dabs (, also Romanized as Ām Dabs) is a village in Bostan Rural District, Bostan District, Dasht-e Azadegan County, Khuzestan Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 631, in 80 families.
Starch was retailed through Dabs Press which was closely associated with the publisher Alien Images.
The trumpet worm is often eaten by bottom-feeding fish including juvenile common dabs and plaice.
Originally Dabs Press, from 1987 to 1990, and Dabs Direct, it primarily sold it's products via advertisements in IT related magazine. was founded in Bolton by David Atherton and Bruce Smith in 1987; Dabs is an acronym of the initials of the founders' names. It subsequently grew to employ more than 200 people, with annual revenue of £200m from 5000 transactions daily. In April 2016 the was phased out in favour of the BT Shop brand.
Dabs operated in Ireland under and previously operated in France, but this closed at the end of May 2006.
Former rugby player and analyst Luca Tramontin originally featured only as a writer, but was eventually convinced by director Massimiliano Mazza and co-writer Daniela Scalia to enact the “Dabs” character that was strongly based on him. Dabs-Tramontin evolved to be the main figure, his personal trade marks, gestures and humor bits have been highlighted since then.
Later, the teenage hit-men see Sam walking through a park and tackle him to the ground. With Sam's face to the floor, Dabs tells Omen to stab him, but Omen insists on seeing his face first. It is then revealed that Omen is Sam's brother. He refuses to kill his own brother, and realises that Dabs knew who it was.
The two countries reported the results of their development in a joint paper, "ADSEL/DABS – A Selective Address Secondary Surveillance Radar".Bowes R.C., Drouilhet P.R., Weiss H.G. and Stevens M.C., "ADSEL/DABS – A Selective Address Secondary Surveillance Radar",AGARD Conference Proceedings No. 188. 20th Symposium of the Guidance and Control Panel held in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, 20–23 May 1975 This was followed at a conference at ICAO Headquarters in Montreal, at which a low-power interrogation constructed by Lincoln Laboratory successfully communicated with an upgraded commercial SSR transponder of UK manufacture.
Osceola - An American who dabs so perfectly that he destroys George, Edie, all the Spits and Taints. He is the hero of the book trilogy.
John William "Uncle Jack" Dey painted "Adam and Eve Leave Eden" (1973), using stripes and dabs of pure color to evoke Eden's lush surroundings.
Skeptics' first recording appeared in 1982 on "The Furtive Four Three Piece Pack" a 12" compilation EP which also featured The Bongos, The Dabs and The Prime Movers.
According to Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS), Afghanistan generates around 300 megawatts (MW) of electricity mainly from hydropower followed by fossil fuel and solar. About 1,000 MW more is imported from neighboring Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.
Jay makes it clear that the others must not see Sam's face when the murder happens. Dabs tells Henry about the plan. Not willing to kill a man, Henry tells Dabs not to go through with it. A scuffle happens and Dabs hits Henry over the head with a brick. Later, Dabs and Blammy meet Omen and tell him about the job. Omen agrees after Dabs lies and says that the target was the one who hurt Henry. Sam and Lexi meet and Sam learns that she was gang raped years ago, which led her into drug addiction because as they are having sex she pushes him away. As he gets up she sees various scars on his back and it is revealed they were given to him by Trife's uncle as revenge and when Lexi touches them he leaves in anger. Jay meets with Mooney and his girlfriend in a café and tells Robert that he could have prevented Trife's death, convincing him to help Jay track down Sam. But shortly afterwards, Robert tells Jay that he needs to move on.
The Screamin' Ab Dabs were a 1980s rhythm and blues band from Essex, England, fronted by singer Alison Moyet and also featuring guitarist Andy Stevens and drummer Micky Ogden along with various bass players.(Jeff Shaw & John (L J) Hamilton).
DabsMyla (Dabs and Myla) are a husband-and-wife team of artists from Melbourne, Australia. They are known for their whimsical pop-art paintings and illustrations and 100% collaborative approach to their work, refusing to be individually credited.
After a highly unexpected turn of events Dani (Daniela Scalia) proposes Dabs to start an agency to protect sports and investigate when it is in danger of some kind.
Starting on 17 May 1935, he piloted his new Puss Moth (VH-UQO, named "Dabs III") over 7,140 miles (11,491 km), flying from Adelaide in a clockwise direction round Australia in a time of 3 days 9 hours 54 minutes.
Sam is about to kill Dabs, but has a flashback to the murder and relents, just punching Dabs and leaving with the two teenagers. Meanwhile, Jay goes round to Lexi's flat and we find out he is her dealer, and that Lexi was setting up Sam by bringing him back to her flat. Sam phones the man he spoke to outside the prison and asks for the favour the man promised him earlier in the film. Sam walks down a street and mugs a couple at gunpoint, but apologises for doing it.
In wave soldering, parts are temporarily kept in place with small dabs of adhesive, then the assembly is passed over flowing solder in a bulk container. This solder is shaken into waves so the whole PCB is not submerged in solder, but rather touched by these waves. The end result is that solder stays on pins and pads, but not on the PCB itself.
In every section, the competitor is scored by an observer (hence the sport's name) who counts how many times the competitor touches the ground with the foot (or any other part of the body). Each time a competitor touches the ground with a foot (commonly called "dabs" or "prods"), the penalty is one point.