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cleemput              gennip              iersel              graan              vlierberghe              rhijn              enckevort              nimwegen              dijck              oosten              gilst              laethem              rompaey              goethem              mourik              zanten              grieken              bueren              slooten              emmerik              jeltje              benthem              meeteren              vooren              bilsen              vlerken              campenhout              gestel              eenennaam              lerberghe              velzen              obberghen              straten              vaerenbergh              gerven              lancker              mieghem              keulen              miltenburg              houwelingen              herwijnen              duijn              raamsdonk              denderen              staveren              diepen              scheltinga              hoecke              doorninck              nieuwenhoven             

Examples of "daele"
Van Den Daele is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:
Van Daele or Van Daële is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:
It is currently commanded by Lieutenant First Class Jurgen Van Daele.
Thierry Van Den Daele (born 27 May 1966) is a former professional tennis player from France.
Struye became Ambassador of Belgium to the United States on December 29, 2006, replacing Franciskus van Daele.
In the 2013–14 season, Van Daele won her second national title and placed 20th at the European Championships.
The club won the provincial women's senior championship in 1970 (Eva Loney, Eileen Marsden, Marge Flewitt, Isabel McAllum), 1983 (Mabel Mitchell, Mary Adams, Mildred Murray, June Clark), 1984 (Mabel Mitchell, Mary Adams, Midred Murray, June Clark), 1985 (Shirley Bray, Myrna Graham, Irene Fingas, Anne Mackay), 1987 (Mabel Mitchell, Mary Adams, Mildred Murray, June Clark), 2001 (Linda Van Daele, Joyce McDougall, Evelyn Clegg, Jean Ungarian), 2005 (Linsa Van Daele, Betty Couling, Evelyn Clegg, Jean Ungarian), 2009 (Lois Fowler, Gwen Wooley, Lori Manning, Lynn Sandercook), 2010 (Linda Van Daele, Betty Couling, Sharon Shannon, Liliane Fargey) and 2013 (Lois Fowler, Gwen Wooley, Lori Manning, Joan Robertson).
Belgium: Marcel Janssens, Germain Derycke, Raymond Impanis, Julien Schepens, Leon Van Daele, Fred De Bruyne, Rik Van Looy, Rik Van Steenbergen.
Van Roomen was born in Leuven, the son of Adriaan Van Roomen and Maria Van Den Daele. He became a professor, and then travelled extensively in Europe.
In 2004, the stamp was the subject of a children's book De omgekeerde Dendermonde (The inverted Dendermonde) by author Henri Van Daele.
Jo Van Daele (born 6 April 1972) is a male discus thrower from Belgium. His personal best throw is 64.24 metres, achieved in May 2001 in Halle.
Multiplier Hopf algebras introduced by Alfons Van Daele in 1994 are generalizations of Hopf algebras where comultiplication from an algebra (with or without unit) to the multiplier algebra of tensor product algebra of the algebra with itself.
Kaat Van Daele (born 24 August 1989) is a Belgian figure skater. She is a two-time Belgian national champion and has qualified twice for the free skate at the European Championships.
Van Den Daele made the second round of the 1986 French Open, after securing a win over Switzerland's Claudio Mezzadri. He then lost to fellow qualifier Jose Clavet in four sets.
In the 1987 French Open, Van Den Daele lost in the opening round to Jordi Arrese. He also exited in the first round of the mixed doubles, with partner Karine Quentrec.
Hundertmark and Van Daele examined the genetic differences between a parent population of elk of Washington on the continental USA, and the growing population fertilized by eight founding elk on an Alaskan island. After 80 years, this island population has genetically and allelically diverged significantly from the parent population in Washington, as a result of the founding individuals’ lesser genetic diversity. When statistically analyzing the rapid growth of the island population, Hundertmark and Van Daele came to the conclusion, “…that a severe bottleneck followed by rapid population growth may be undetectable using available tests.”
Van Daele began skating when she was 6 or 7 years old. She finished second at Belgian Nationals several times before winning her first title in 2013. That same season, she finished 18th at the European Championships and competed at her first World Championships, where she placed 28th.
In 2013 Frans Van Daele retired both as a diplomat and as chief of Staff of Van Rompuy, and was appointed chief of staff to king Philippe. He was succeeded as chief of staff of Herman Van Rompuy by Didier Seeuws.
The Chief of Defence (CHOD) is the highest official in the Ministry of Defence. General August Van Daele is the Chief of Defence since 1 January 2003. The CHOD is assisted in the exercise of his functions by a Vice-Chief of Defence (VCHOD) and a Secretary-General.
Joop van Daele (born 14 August 1947 in Rotterdam) is a retired Dutch footballer who was active as a defender. In 1970 he won the European Cup and the Intercontinental Cup. He scored the winning goal in the final of the latter tournament, against Estudiantes.