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pongro              angk              tnaot              preaek              praek              chrey              ruessei              stueng              andoung              kouk              samraong              trapeang              trabaek              knong              slaeng              chhuk              boeng              chambak              thnal              khpos              muoy              thnong              sangkae              beung              rumduol              lvea              krasang              thlok              krouch              totueng              chrak              khsach              sralau              kakaoh              srey              thmei              tbaeng              kaeut              chrum              kandaol              tuek              paoy              ponley              dorng              chuor              khvav              phlov              damnak              knhom              sambour             

Examples of "daeum"
Ampil Pram Daeum is a khum (community) of Bavel District in Battambang Province in north-western Cambodia.
The villages located in Chrouy Changva are the Phum Ti Muoy, Phum Ti Pir, Phum Ti Bei, Daeum Kor and Kien Khleang villages.
When refugees from the Cambodia/Vietnam war in the 1970s returned to their homes they found their land had been destroyed through logging and agriculture. With USAID support, Conservation International helped the Khmer Daeum refugees to replenish their land and supplied the refugees with their first-ever access to family planning. Healthy families were able to develop long-term plans for sustainable land use and local women created associations that mobilized the community to increase income earning opportunities and strengthen participation in conservation activities.
While K-pop is notorious for producing highly manufactured bubblegum groups, Big Bang have been praised for their individuality and ability to fuse a pop sound with rap, R&B and dance elements. The quintet is known for experimentalism and for a "dominating style of music that surpasses genre boundaries." During the early days of their career, Big Bang's music was predominantly hip hop and pop rap, although they incorporated R&B songs into their albums as well. A writer for Yahoo! Japan once compared their early materials to that of American hip-hop artists such as The Black Eyed Peas, stating that their songs included "catchy vocals, [...] rap and characters." The song "Ma Girl," Taeyang's first solo from the group's first album, was described as "[s]mooth, sexy and bass-heavy," in reminiscent of Omarion. Similarly, Seungri's first solo from the same album, "Next Day" (Korean: 다음날, Revised Romanization: "Daeum Nal"), was stated to have an "intense ‘90s Usher vibes." "Always" (2007) was noted for its change of musical styles from their previous efforts, with the group experimenting with electronic dance music and setting it as the new music trend in Korea. From their EP "Hot Issue" (2007), the "shibuya-kei-influenced" "Fool" (Korean: 바보; Revised Romanization: "Babo") contained a "heavy dance beat paired with a smooth disco coating." "Day by Day" from "Stand Up (2008)" was admired for "weaving in and out of tempos seamlessly and forcing a sense of anxiety on the listener through the beating undercurrent" and hailed as an "experiential masterpiece." They also collaborated with the Korean rock-band No Brain for the rock song "Oh My Friend." "Alive" (2012) was noted for showcasing the group's voice instead of their usual autotune, being described as having "a mature kind of intensity," with "Blue" being distinguished for including "more interesting electronic samples and production techniques" and "Bad Boy" described as having a "nostalgic" sentiment, being called a "perfect pop song," that "transcends language." Their song "Monster" was praised for its use of the piano and orchestra sound and the composition for "Bingle Bingle" (Korean: 빙글빙글; Revised Romanization: "Binggeul Binggeul") was noted for being electronic and retro, similar to the work of Katy Perry and Daft Punk. The group mixed a variety of electronic music with soft rock for their "Made" (2016) series. which was described as "career-exemplifying." "Loser" was cited for "introduc[ing] a more mature style" to the group "without losing the images they had enforced through previous releases," while "Bang Bang Bang" was acclaimed for its EDM-inspired sound and "Bae Bae" for its "boundary-pushing elements". In "Let's Not Fall in Love," Big Bang was complimented for being at "their most tender," with the song being described as having a "lush production that evokes a range of emotions." while "Girlfriend" was a "mellow hip-hop throwback to the group’s early days."