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Cynthia Daignault (born 1978) is a painter who lives and works in Brooklyn. Her work is often described as rigorous and intense. Daignault is also a writer and musician and curator.
He was born in Montreal and is the older brother of Laurent Daignault.
He was born in Montreal and is the younger brother of Michel Daignault.
Laurent Daignault (born October 30, 1968) is a Canadian short track speed skater who competed in the 1992 Winter Olympics.
Daignault was born and grew up in Baltimore, Maryland. She attended Stanford University and graduated with distinctions and honors and a BA. Instead of pursuing an MFA, as many modern American painters often do, Daignault chose to work with established artists, including Kara Walker, in more traditional models of mentorship.
Roger Lemelin ("La famille Plouffe") was the series writer. It was produced in French for Radio-Canada with scripts translated to English for the CBC by Richard Daignault.
Daignault took a few years to paint alone in the woods. She has said that the experience strengthened her resolve as an artist and that painting is her "life's practice." Daignault is also a published art writer and editor, including the monograph "Improbable History" about painter Sean Landers published by JRP|Ringier in the Fall of 2011, and the founder and editor of the publication A-Z.
Daignault has a reverence for the tradition of painting, yet her work speaks to a sense of the modern, according to the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. Her process of painting relies less on exact visual realism, than on ideas and feelings. Daignault works with light and time and strives towards a sense of the universal. She feels that painted objects are like "concrete word poetry" and she has been called "a poet of a painter" by the New Yorker. Often, her works exist in the divide between abstraction and figuration.
Michel Daignault (born June 25, 1966) is a Canadian short track speed skater who competed in the 1988 Winter Olympics and in the 1992 Winter Olympics. He is a two-time Overall World Champion, having won the titles in 1987 (shared) and 1989.
Eugène Daignault (September 14, 1895 in Saint Albans, Vermont – January 27, 1960 in Montreal) was an American-Canadian performer, known for his music, his comedy, and his radio performances – in particular, on the Société Radio-Canada soap opera "Un homme et son péché", where he portrayed "Pere Ovide" from 1949 to 1960.
Sometime around the turn of the 20th century Bergere married Jack Farrell, a former professional baseball player turned vaudevillian. The marriage was dissolved a short time later by mutual consent. In July 1908 the press reported that Berger had married in Paris, Napoleon Edward Daignault, an aspiring opera singer known on the vaudeville stage as N. Dano. The two had appeared together in "A Bowery Camille". Soon after their wedding Daignault returned to Italy to resume his musical studies. In late September 1917 she married Herbert Warren, her long-time leading man. At the time of their marriage Warren was embarking on a new career in Hollywood as a scenario writer. Bergere and her husband were devout Christian Scientists and remained active in the church for many years.
She worked as a clerk for the Manitoba Ministry of Justice and was a lawyer for three years for the Quebec City-based law firm of Daignault et associés. She is also a member of organizations such as Avocats sans Frontieres (Lawyers without borders), the Quebec Chamber of Commerce and the Quebec businesspeople Chamber of Commerce. Before her election, Morissette was Vice-President of the ADQ.
McCollum has occasionally collaborated with other artists in producing projects, including Louise Lawler (1983, 1984, 1988, 1996), Andrea Fraser (1991), Laurie Simmons (1984), Matt Mullican (2004), Andrea Zittel (2007), Allen Ruppersberg (2008), Pablo Helguera (2014), and Cynthia Daignault (2016). He has also written texts and interviewed fellow artists for books and catalogs, including Matt Mullican (1979 and 2006) Allen Ruppersberg (1999), Andrea Zittel (2001), Roxy Paine (2002), and Harrell Fletcher (2005).
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Guy Daignault (died 27 January 2005) was a Canadian short track speed skater. He was the world champion short track speed skater in 1982 and 1984, having been the men's gold medal winner in the 1982 and 1984 World Short Track Speed Skating Championships. He was also a member of the Canadian men's short track relay teams which took the gold medal in the 1981, 1982, 1983, and 1984 at the World Short Track Speed Skating Championships, though no world championship titles for men's relay were awarded in those years.
Christine Weller, 12, from Surrey, British Columbia, was abducted on November 17, 1980. Her body was found more than a month later on Christmas Day; she had been strangled with a belt and stabbed repeatedly. On April 16, 1981, Colleen Marian Daignault, 13, vanished. Five months later her body was found. On April 22, 1981, Daryn Todd Johnsrude, 16, was abducted and killed; his body was found less than two weeks later. On May 19, 1981, 16-year-old Sandra Wolfsteiner was murdered, and 13-year-old Ada Anita Court was murdered in June 1981.
Born in Sainte-Marie-de-Monnoir, Quebec, the son of Felix Rainville, a farmer of French descent from Touques (Calvados), and Marie Daignault, Rainville obtained his elementary and classical education at the colleges of St. Hyacinthe and Ste. Angele de Monnoir, afterwards entering the law faculty of McGill University, and graduating with the degree of B.C.L. in 1873. He was called to the Quebec Bar on January 14, 1874 and practiced law with the law firm of Rainville, Archambault Gervais and Rainville. He was a member of the Montreal City Council from 1882 until 1900, sitting for Centre Ward.
Bolduc's second recording was released for Christmas of 1929. The first side had an original song of Bolduc's, "La Cuisinière". Side B was an adaptation of an English folk song titled "Johnny Monfarleau". The record sold more than twelve thousand copies, which was unprecedented in Quebec. Bolduc earned a total of $450 from the sales and became a household name in Quebec. With this success, Beaudry had Bolduc releasing a double-sided record every month. Bolduc recorded an additional four songs in January 1930. Nine more songs were recorded in April that year. By the end of 1930, she had recorded more than 30 songs. During this time, she collaborated on no less than fifty-six recordings of other artists. Most of these recordings did not credit her. Bolduc sang accompaniments or played instruments for recordings by Juliette Béliveau, Eugène Daignault, Ovila Légaré, Alfred Montmarquette, Adélard St. Jean, and possibly others.