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omnimon              mikaboshi              senpuujin              gouraijin              shurikenger              mordru              sargain              tenkuujin              hordak              wolzard              shinkenoh              beerus              mongul              attuma              wargreymon              blackwargreymon              shoutmon              tirek              skeletor              spielban              rasengan              dialga              ryuga              agumon              gingka              ikaris              kalibak              buredoran              ulik              entei              gargos              geki              wendinu              keyblade              gyaos              trakeena              ryomou              gallantmon              raikou              volstagg              abarenoh              necrom              riseross              guilmon              hakufu              naraku              metalgarurumon              quartzmon              vilgax              sesshomaru             

Examples of "daizyuzin"
is a giant white knight mecha piloted by Kai, Bandora's resurrected son. It has various weapons, including its "Taro Missiles", , , and could use Kai's telekinesis. Came when Kai gave out the command . Daizyuzin and Gouryuzin were of no match for this new menace. After being destroyed by Ultimate Daizyuzin, Bandora cast a spell that caused the ground to collapse from underneath King Brachion, causing him to sink into the ground, with the Dinosaur Eggs inside of him.
The main giant robots of each team also appear in this film: Five Robo from "Fiveman", Jet Icarus from "Jetman", Daizyuzin from "Zyuranger", Dairen-oh from "Dairanger", and Muteki Shogun from "Kakuranger".
is an evil god that is depicted as a floating blue-skinned head and is the ultimate evil of the series. In the past, Great Satan used Bandora to try to destroy Earth 170 million years ago and was banished to another dimension by Ultimate Daizyuzin. In the present day, after having enough of the Zyurangers' interference, Bandora summons Great Satan with the help of the Satan Tower as her followers gather thirteen children as sacrificial payment in the Strongest of Black Magic ritual. Once he arrives, Great Satan uses his power to turn the Dora Monster Zombie Franke into Satan Franke. Great Satan is overpowered by Ultimate Daizyuzin, but brings Bandora's son Kai back to life to cement his pact with Bandora. Though he overpowers both Daizyuzin and Dragon Caesar, Great Satan is finally destroyed along with Dora Talos by Ultimate Daizyuzin's Grand Banisher.
is the combined form of Tyrannosaurus, Zyu Mammoth, Triceratops, Saber Tiger, and Pteranodon. He is first formed as with the command , and then into Daizyuzin with the command . Tyrannosaurus forms the head and body; Zyu Mammoth forms the arms, back, and shield; Triceratops forms the left leg; Saber Tiger forms the right leg; and Pteranodon forms the chest. As Dino Tanker, he attacks enemies with its two powerful cannons, the , or with laser blasts from the eyes of each Guardian Beast called the . Daizyuzin wields Zyu Mammoth's head as a shield which can fire energy beams from its eyes and the , which he uses in its attack. Daizyuzin can also fire energy beams from its eyes and forehead.
Once Great Satan appears on Earth, Bandora rebuilds Dora Taros with two extra horns on the sides of its head and extended blades from its arms which it uses to severe Daizyuzin's left arm and half of Dragon Caesar's tail, leaving Bandora free to cast a spell that causes the two to disappear. The Zyurangers later learn from Burai's spirit that the Guardian Beasts are trapped in Bandora's Magic Realm. The Zyurangers escape after smashing the globes containing their Guardian Beasts and attack Dora Taros through several quickly-ascending stages: separate Guardian Beasts, Daizyuzin, Dragon Caesar, Gouryuzin and finally Ultimate Daizyuzin destroying both Great Satan and Dora Taros forever.
is Bandora's ruthless son, who dies when he is discovered breaking dinosaur eggs and falls off a cliff. He is resurrected by Great Satan as the main pilot of Dora Talos. He would not let his mother hug him whenever she wanted to. When Dora Talos is eventually destroyed by Daizyuzin, a mortally wounded Kai dies in his mother's arms.
She loses her powers after shedding a tear over Kai's death, as a witch loses her powers upon crying. Powerless, Bandora, along with her henchmen, is sealed away and exiled to space by Daizyuzin. She is overwhelmed by the cuteness of Lamie and Grifforzer's son and cradles him around, proving she has, in the end, regained a part of her former goodness.
is Yogoshimacritein's right-hand man who was defeated by the Go-ongers. He is revived and summoned as a member of the Black Cross Army in the giant battle during the events of "Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle". He is defeated by the combined efforts of Abarenoh, Galaxy Mega, and Daizyuzin.
However, Neo-Grifforzar contains the blast as he departs to space to sacrifice himself so the amassed energy can complete Voldos's evolution. Though the Kyoryugers form Raiden Kyoryuzin, with the Guardian Beast Tyrannosaurus and Burstosaur Tyranno replicas transforming into Daizyuzin and Abarenoh, the Dinosaur Super Sentai are powerless against Voldos. Luckily, having obtained the Go-Busters Zyudenchi from Masato before he fades back into data, Red Buster summons Tategami Lioh whose head is used in the Tategami Raiden Kyoryuzin formation so it, Daizyuzin, and Abarenoh can focus their powers to blast Voldos back into space. Later, after giving their goodbyes to the Gabutyra of the past, the Kyoryugers decide to join the Go-Busters in a victory meal. However, Neo-Geilton has survived and uses Messiah Card 13 to become Neo-Messiah to avenge his creator before finding himself quickly destroyed by the unorthodox Ressha Sentai ToQger team.
Between stages, the player will be challenged to one of three possible minigames by Burai the Dragonranger. These consist of a trivia game where Bandora will ask the player a question related to the TV series, a Pong-style game between Daizyuzin and the Dragon Caesar, and a hot potato-style game between Gōryūzin and Lamie. These minigames are also accessible from the main menu and can be played with a second player.
When she is enlarged, she becomes the monstrous with an electrocuting stinger on her ponytail. She is a dangerous opponent to the Zyurangers, and even more with Grifforzar's help as they held Daizyuzin at bay during an eclipse before an enlarged Dragon Ranger appeared to finish the giant off. When the Zyurangers were dealing with Dora Silkis, Lamy found a rival in Mei, in the art of disguises. She gave birth to a baby boy at the end of the series, who looks human like her. She is sealed away during the finale, alongside the other main villains.
The were the guardians of the orchards in the Kingdom of God until Dora Cockatrice tricked them into eating the holy fruit that they were forbidden to eat. The Apelo were exiled to Dalos Island and turned into monkeys. After Bandora's entrapment, the Apelo were entrusted with the last two Dinosaur Eggs. When Bandora learns of this, she sends her forces to take the eggs from the Apelo as Euro makes his way to Japan to find the Zyurangers. Though they fail, Euro's new-found friend Emiko and the Zyurangers plead in the Apelos' defense and Daizyuzin lifts his curse, allowing the Apelo Tribe back to his domain.
Voldos also has Kyoryugers under his control, attempting to use them in killing off the Zyudenryu by sending them back in time to go after their partners while they are still normal dinosaurs. Luckily, the Kyoryugers break free of Voldos's control as they team up with the Zyurangers and the Abarangers to fight Voldos's minions. Upon reaching his evolved form with Neo-Grifforzar's sacrifice, Voldos overpowers Kyoryuzin, Abarenoh, and Daizyuzin until the three dinosaur mecha use the Go-Busters' Tategami Lioh to focus their powers to obliterate him.
is determined to redeem his people, being the only one of them who knows the eggs' location. Arriving in Japan and befriending a girl named Emiko, they are attacked by Golems as the Zyurangers arrive to save them. However, through Dora Cockatrice's deceptions, Euro is forced to reveal the eggs' location. However, Emiko and the Zyurangers pleas convince Daizyuzin to bring the Apelo back to its domain. As thanks, Euro gives Emiko a beautiful white dress before departing with his tribe to join the Guardian Beasts in their domain.
The are the gods worshipped by the five ancient tribes that the Zyurangers come from. The Guardian Beasts originally existed in one form as Ultimate Daizyuzin before splitting into seven separate forms due to being weakened after banishing Great Satan. The Guardian Beasts are summoned when the command is given. However, if the five core Guardian Beasts are commanded, the Rangers say "". When they first get in their cockpits, the Rangers shout the command and use the , created from the medallions within each Rangers' Dino Buckler, to enable the Guardian Beasts to combine. When not in use, the Guardian Beasts can speak to the Zyurangers in their individual separate forms.
is a lion-faced, griffin-themed knight who wields the Grifocaliber IV sword and can fly with the help of his retractable wings. He is also Lamie's husband. Grifforzar was mute, until Lamie came along (he saved his voice for her to hear). Despite being mute, he was still capable of giving commands to his soldiers with his vicious personality. He had a frequent rivalry with Tyranno Ranger. He is violent and possesses amazing strength. He is a dangerous opponent as evident by being able to outlast and defeat Daizyuzin. Even alone, he proved to be more than a match for the Zyurangers in their early battles. He had a son with Lamie towards the end of the series, which Bandora adored. Unlike the others, he is much less vicious than his fellow lackies.
is an elf who applies for a job to be Pleprechuan’s assistant, but is kicked out by Bandora. DonDon meets a kindred spirit in Toshio, a boy who gets frequently picked on by his overly-strict mother. They become friends and go around sucking things into DonDon’s magic bottles — including planes and buildings with people inside. After seeing DonDon trapping Boi and Dan in his bottle, Bandora decides to recruit DonDon, promising both him and Toshio the power to get back at all the people who push them around. However, the Zyurangers manage to convince Toshio and DonDon that there are people who care about them. After he and Toshio return everything to normal, DonDon goes on his way, but not before giving Toshio a black & gold toy replica of Daizyuzin.
During the events of "Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger", the last remaining Jyaryu manage to obtain a Precious called the , which brings Ryuoon back to life and grants him incredible power. He immediately attacks anyone in his way, including the Gokaigers and the Space Empire Zangyack forces, both of whom were trying to obtain the Heart. The Gokaigers manage to tear the Heart out of Ryuoon's chest by using the power of the Boukengers, but this only causes the Heart's power to go out of control, turning Ryuoon into a giant mindless monster. He is killed by Gokaioh using the Boukengers' Grand Power to perform the Gokai Adventure Drive finishing move. Ryuoon's design is based on "Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger"s Daizyuzin.
is an entity who takes on the form of a childlike being and possesses the power of life itself. When the Zyurangers go into suspended animation, Burai follows them in his own chamber. However, an earthquake causes the cave where Burai was sleeping to collapse, crushing Burai to death. Daizyuzin asks Clotho to restore Burai's life, since he is the only person who can summon Dragon Caesar. Burai is restored to life, but only with a limited lifespan. Shortly after his revival and subsequent betrayal of Bandora, Clotho takes Burai to the Lapseless Room and gives him the Beast Play Sword. Clotho tells Burai that he has only has a limited lifespan and leaves him with a green candle that represents the time he has left. The Lapseless Room is a chamber where time stands still, and every time Burai goes out to aid his brother, the candle gradually melts away. After Bandora destroys the room, Goushi and Dan attempt to get the Water of Life from its guardian, who is actually Clotho in disguise. She reveals that even with the Water of Life, Burai's life cannot be saved, since he has already died once. Clotho convinces Dan and Goushi to fulfill Burai's last wishes by giving the water to a boy in a hospital that Burai earlier befriended and save his life instead.