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Examples of "dalsetter"
Boddam is an area of Dunrossness in the South Mainland of Shetland. Although Boddam is just the name for the few houses at the head of the voe, including the slaughterhouse, the nearby estates of Hillock, Dalsetter Wynd, and Turniebrae are also usually referred to as being in Boddam. Boddam has a working Norse horizontal mill and the Croft House Museum.
The primary Viking legacy is an abundance of placenames of Old Norse origin. For example, "Dalsetter" is a combination of "dalr" meaning a "dale" or "valley" and "setr" meaning a "hill pasture" or shieling. "Gossawater" is a combination of "gás" (goose), "á" (river) and "vatn" (a lake/loch) anglicised as "water". Other common Norse elements on Yell include "firth" ("fjörðr") as in Whale Firth, "voe" ("vagr") as in "Gloup Voe", "sound" ("sund") as in "Bluemull Sound" and "-a(y)" ("ey") as in nearby Hascosay and Linga.
The former miners row in Drumchapel Road near Drumchapel Hospital (built in 1904 as a children's extension of Yorkhill Hospital) was demolished in September 1939 and the inhabitants re-housed by ballot in Dalsetter Place on the Thursday before World War Two was declared. Other industries included a brick works run by P & M Hurll on the Edrington Holdings site. Garscadden Brick and Tile Works run by Robert & William Horn of Yoker (died 1875 and 1896 respectively) and latterly run as Blairdardie Brick & Tile Works by the Stevensons at Lock 35 on the Forth and Clyde Canal closed in 1916. A third brick works run by Gilmours was located adjacent to Essenside Drive. This closed in 1904 due to shortage of brick making clay.The Post Office in Garscadden Road closed on Friday 22 February 2008 as part of the Post Office network reorganisation plan. In 1959 the [204th Scouts] were founded which are based in their Scout Hall in Golf Dr, and are now the only Scout Group within the Drumchapel area.