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Examples of "danda"
Danda is a punctuation character in Devanāgarī script whose name is Sanskrit (दन्द, Danda) for "stick",
The name comes from the Sanskrit words "Danda" (दन्द, Danda) meaning "stick", and "Asana" (आसन, Āsana) meaning "posture".
The name of the station is derived from the name of the koli village Khar-Danda, near the Arabian Sea. Danda is a home to fishermen. Now a link will connect from Khar Danda to Bandra - Versova Sea Link.
Gilli-danda have no official requirements for equipment. The game is played with a gilli or guli and danda, which are both wooden sticks. The danda is longer and handmade by the player, who can swing it easily.
"Danda" means "small hill" while "Shah" comes from the name of a local saint Noori Shah Sultan Bilawal. Noori Shah visited this village and then stayed here. Bilawal was a blacksmith who was a native of Danda and host of Noori Shah Sultan. Therefore, the name of the village was later changed from Danda to Danda Shah Bilawal.
There is no standard length defined for the danda or gilli. Usually, the gilli is 3 to 6 inches long and the danda is 12 to 18 inches.
So in order to achieve greatness, a lot of punishments, Danda, to the individual must be undergone, so this event is known as Danda Nata.
"Gilli Danda" is played with two pieces of equipment – a "danda", being a long wooden stick, and a "gilli", a small oval-shaped piece of wood.
The suburb of Khar also has the fishermen folk area ("danda"), also known as Khar Danda. Linking Road in this area is famous for its street shopping.
Danda Nata or Danda Jatra()is one of the most important traditional dance festivals organized in different parts of South Odisha and particularly in the Ganjam District, the heartland of ancient Kalinga Empire. The Danda Nata festival is being held in the month of Chaitra of every year. As per Ram Prasad Tripathy's article, it is an ancient festival of the Kalinga kingdom and still alive in and around the ancient Kalinga capital Sampa/Samapa i.e modern day Ganjam District. The Participants of Danda are called Danduas (also known as Bhoktas) and they pray Goddesses Kali and Shiva during this 13-, 18- or 21-day Danda period.
Carter road Promenade is now extended till Khar Danda.
All his sons were well behaved, except for his youngest son, Danda. Danda (meaning punishment), was named such because he was cruel, wrathful and ruthless towards people, though he was righteous and a just person. Danda did not respect his elder brothers. Ikshwaku wasn't pleased with Danda's behaviour and banished his son to the southern regions.
Danda took some of his father's wealth, resources, animals and subjects and went south, where he established a great city and founded the Dandaka Kingdom. Danda took the extremely wise Shukracharya, the Guru of the Asuras, as his priest and preceptor. Under Shukracharya's counsel, Danda ruled wisely for a thousand years.
Shahidnagar Danda is the city center in Nawalparasi District in the Lumbini Zone of southern Nepal. It is located in Kawasoti municipality, ward number 16. Shahidnagar Danda is locally known as Danda Bazar. It is the most highly populated areas in Kawasoti municipality after Kawasoti itself and one with a well developed infrastructure.
Danda nata or Danda Jatra is a tribal way of welcoming the New Year which begins with the month of Vaishakh. Danda Jatra is one of the most ancient forms of performance art in the state. The opening ritual begins in the middle of Chaitra (March - April).
One day, in the absence of Shukracharya, Danda was wandering in the forest when he came upon the hermitage of the former. In that hermitage, Danda saw the beautiful daughter of Shukracharya (not Devayani), and he lusted after her. Shukracharya's daughter refused his advances, but Danda did not listen and violated her.
Hrid Dhauti: Danda Dhauti, Vaman Dhauti, Vastra Dhauti
Danda in "Tales of the Great Unwashed" 2005 Resonance FM,
The danda marks the end of a sentence or period, comparable to a full stop (period) as commonly used in the Latin alphabet. In metrical texts, a double danda is used to delimit verses, and a single danda to delimit a pada or semi-verse.
The game is played with a gilli and danda, which are both wooden sticks. The danda is longer and handmade by the player, who can swing it easily. The gilli is smaller and is tapered on both sides so that the ends are conical. The gilli is analogous to a cricket ball and the danda is analogous to a cricket bat.